CSWE’s practice doctorate subcommittee has been working to conceptualize and create a timeline and framework for accreditation of social work practice doctoral programs. To solicit feedback from as many constituents as possible in as many ways as possible, CSWE released the timeline and a Report on Framework for Accreditation of Practice Doctoral Programs in Social Work in October 2017. Feedback on the report was sought at two sessions held at the 2017 Annual Program Meeting (APM) with feedback given in person; online via a survey available from October to December 31, 2017; and/or writing directly to CSWE. Approximately 150 people participated in the feedback sessions at APM. The survey closed on December 31, 2017. There were 75 feedback responses in total, varying in degrees of support and opposition to the accreditation of practice doctoral programs. Feedback results are available here.

In January 2018 the practice doctorate committee met to discuss the feedback results. Based on the feedback, the committee revised the framework document and shared it in feedback sessions at the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors (BPD) conference in March. The committee will also share the document with practice doctoral program directors at a meeting following the Group for the Advancement of Doctoral Education in Social Work conference in April. The timeline also will be revised to ensure more feedback from stakeholders on the framework document before accreditation standards are developed.

If you have questions about the feedback process or questions about practice doctoral program accreditation, please contact the CSWE at

Practice Doctoral Program Accreditation Documents

   Practice Doctoral Program Accreditation Feedback Survey Results

   BPD Conference 2018 Practice Doctorate Accreditation PowerPoint Presentation

   Report on Framework for Accreditation of Practice Doctoral Programs in Social Work