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CSWE Compass

Introducing CSWE Compass, Your New Monthly Newsletter!

Welcome to CSWE’s new monthly newsletter, CSWE Compass: Navigating Social Work Education & Advocacy!
Since 2012 CSWE’s Full Circle has focused primarily on CSWE activities. The redesigned newsletter, Compass, provides not only that news but also expands to incorporate our advocacy and public policy newsletter, Public Policy Monthly Review, and more news about CSWE’s councils and commissions, the Grand Challenges, and our upcoming Annual Program Meeting.
Compass has a more reader-friendly format with a cleaner design. The content is organized into concise headlines with a hyperlinked table of contents, so you can quickly scan the stories and click through to whatever interests you most. CSWE Compass provides resources and opportunities you can access easily and use to enhance your teaching, your career, and your profession.
If you have CSWE or social work education-related content you’d like to share, we encourage your contributions! Please visit the Submission Guidelines to learn about the different types of content we accept, how content needs to be formatted and submitted, and the content deadlines.
We hope you will enjoy CSWE Compass and find it useful in your professional and scholarly work.


Compass Submission Guidelines

General Submission Guidelines

  • CSWE reserves the right to edit or decide not to publish any item.
  • CSWE does not upload documents from external parties to its website; rather, a URL link is required.
  • Headers must be seven words or fewer.Items consist of a one-sentence lead followed by another sentence that includes a URL link to a source that provides further information. CSWE Compass is a navigational tool for readers; actual content is on the CSWE website and social work education-related websites.

Submit to

Guidelines for CSWE Program Spotlight Section

The CSWE Program Spotlight features active Program Members exclusively. Section submissions should consist of a header, two sentences that summarize the program’s accomplishment (appointment, grant receipt, research activities, awards, etc.), and a URL link to the full story.

Please note that activation of CSWE membership could take up to 7 business days.

Submit to

Guidelines for Resources Section

CSWE objectively lists books, journals, e-resources, or other materials related to social work or higher education that could serve as resources for its members. CSWE does not promote sales or coupons for products.

This section's submissions should consist of a header, two sentences that provide an overview of the resource, and a URL link for further information. Any testimonials should be featured on the URL provided rather than in the submission itself.

Submit to

Guidelines for Opportunities for Members Section

CSWE regularly features funding opportunities, calls for proposals, seminars/courses, and other professional development opportunities relevant to its members through the Opportunities for Members section. Submissions should consist of a header and two sentences with a linking URL, and should list the following:

  • The type of opportunity (for example, grant, fellowship, call for conference proposals)
  • The individuals or institutions eligible for the opportunity (for example, researchers, students, schools/colleges/departments of social work)
  • The deadlines or general requirements that could determine member interest
  • A URL for further information.

Submit to

2021 Content Deadlines

Content Due: January 19
Distributed: January 28
Content Due: February 16
Distributed: February 25
Content Due: March 16
Distributed: March 25
Content Due: April 13
Distributed: April 22
Content Due: May 18
Distributed: May 27
Content Due: June 15
Distributed: June 24
Content Due: July 13
Distributed: July 22
Content Due: August 17
Distributed: August 26
Content Due: September 14
Distributed: September 23
Content Due: October 19
Distributed: October 28
* November  
Content Due: November 9
Distributed: November 18
* December  
Content Due: December 7
Distributed: December 16

*CSWE Compass is scheduled for release the 4th Thursday of every month. November and December 2021 are scheduled for the 3rd Thursday.