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Research & Statistics

The CSWE organizational mission includes the charge to advocate for social work education and research. CSWE's strategic plan outlines the need for research to inform policy and practice and to serve the needs of CSWE member programs—their deans, directors, faculty members, and students. The CSWE Commission on Research (COR) and CSWE research staff work to serve that need. COR developed research priorities with input from the CSWE commissions and councils to guide their work; they will report on progress periodically. 

CSWE conducts research through surveys, the annual census of social work programs, and quality assurance measures for the Commission on Accreditation. Descriptions of the ongoing research efforts and reports on the results are available in this section. Contact the Institutional Research staff for more information about projects and data.

Research Updates

Current Projects 

The 2018 Annual Survey collected data between May 6, 2018, and July 15, 2018. Results will be published in fall 2019.

The 2019 Annual Survey will be administered back in its typical time period, November 2019–January 2020. The 2019 Annual Survey data collection instrument will be updated based on feedback received during the 2018 Annual Survey.

Annual Survey

In October 2017, CSWE released the 2017 Annual Statistics on Social Work Education in the United States report.

2015 State of Field Education Survey

A final report of findings on the 2015 State of Field Education Survey from the CSWE Council on Field Education is now available. The first publication from this survey was an Executive Summary released in 2015. The final report provides additional analysis with a focus on field directors.

National Workforce Initative

In 2015 the Leadership Roundtable launched a national social work workforce study encompassing all levels and fields of practice. The George Washington University Health Workforce Institute has produced three products: Profile of the Social Work Workforce and reports on graduates from 2017 and 2018. Read more about the workforce study here.