Teaching Research Series

Teaching Research Series

This series is a collaborative initiative between CSWE’s Commission on Research and the Social Work Engagement in Research Learning (SWERL) initiative at Indiana University. This online series provides practical suggestions for engaging approaches to teaching research to social work students at the baccalaureate and master’s levels. Each segment in the series discusses a different approach to the topic. 

Teaching Research Online

Jill Chonody presentation thumbnail
Presented by Jill Chonody, Boise State University
This module includes an overview of effective techniques and engaging activities to use when teaching research online. Links to the videos and other materials Dr. Chonody references in the module are available by downloading the PowerPoint presentation here.

Using Projects and Teams in Teaching Research

Carol Hostetter presentation thumbnail

Presented by Carol Hostetter, Indiana University 
This module discusses an approach to engaging students in research as part of a team. You can find links to the other materials Dr. Hostetter references in the module here.

Community Based Research with BSW Students

Anupama Jacob presentation thumbnail

Presented by Anupama Jacob, Azusa Pacific University
This module presents an approach to teaching research through engaging students with community agencies. After you open the PowerPoint presentation here, click "play slideshow" to hear the recorded presentation uninterrupted. 

Techniques to Engage Students in Research Methods Courses

combined research methods thumbnail

Presented by Kristin Bolton, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
This module presents ideas for engaging students when teaching research face-to-face. After you open the PowerPoint presentation here, click "play slideshow" to hear the presentation uninterrupted.