Korean American Social Work Educators Association

Korean American Social Work Educators Association



The mission of this association is to promote the excellence and contributions of social work education, practice, and research to the Korean American community in the United States.


The purposes of this association to achieve our mission are:  
1.    To help provide guidance and support for career development, promotion, and productivity of its membership.
2.    To share and exchange information or opportunities for research and other academic activities among its membership.
3.    To make social work contributions to the Korean American community by means of academic resources and leadership.  
4.    To foster cooperation and collaboration with the social work educator's organization in Korea.
5.    To enhance academic exchange with other associations of Korean scholars or professionals in North America
6.    To promote individual, family, and community well-being, and social, economic, and environmental justice by engaging in local and international collaborations.
7.    To promote fellowship among its membership.

Board of Directors

  •  Suk-hee Kim, PhD, President (Elected, Term 2023-2025), Northern Kentucky University
  •  Anderson Sungmin Yoon, DSW, Vice President, New York University
  •  Insoo Chung, PhD, Vice President, Norfolk State University
  •  Sukyung Yoon, PhD, Secretary, University of Wyoming
  •  Eunhye (Grace) Kim, PhD, Treasurer, Augusta University
  •  Haein Son, PhD Student, Doctoral Student Representative, City University of New York
  •  Mingun Lee, PhD, Faculty Advisor, Ohio University