The function of the Council on Publications is two-fold: (1) to serve as the policy-making body with respect to publications; and (2) to serve as an editorial board in acquiring publications ideas and assessing the viability of publication proposals.


It is the mission of the Council on Publications to develop and implement policy, procedures, and practices that advance the creation and dissemination of knowledge and resources that further excellence in social work professional education. Toward that end, it is the mission of the Council on Publications to:

  1. Oversee policy formation for the Journal of Social Work Education
  2. Oversee policy formation for the selection of CSWE Press books and other publications
  3. Review and implement a mission statement as to the foci of publications of CSWE
  4. Communicate with CSWE councils and commissions to identify the foci of texts and other educational materials that will further social work education and then seek to facilitate the creation and publication of such educational materials

The Council on Publications is one of three councils in the Commission on Membership and Professional Development.



  • Qiana Cryer-Coupet

    Associate Professor of Social Work

    Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University

  • Jennifer Elkins

    Associate Professor and Director of the MSW Program

    University of Georgia

  • Erlene Grise-Owens

    MSW Program Director

    Spalding University

  • Nalini Negi

    Assistant Professor

    University of Maryland

  • Jason Ostrander

    Associate Professor of Social Work

    Anna Maria College

  • Danielle E. Parrish

    Professor, Director of Baylor IMPACT Lab

    Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, Baylor University

  • Renata Sledge

    Assistant Professor, Social Work Program Chair

    Fontbonne University

  • Katherine van Wormer

    Professor Emerita of Social Work

    University of Northern Iowa

  • Viola Vaughan-Eden

    Professor and PhD Program Director

    Norfolk State University