The Diversity Center collaborates with CSWE’s Learning Academy to provide educational webinars on topics of diversity and social justice education.

May 2019

Building Skills to Integrate Disability-Competent Practice in the Social Work Curriculum

This webinar reviews the contents of the Curricular Resource on Issues of Disability and Disability-Competent Care. After attending this webinar participants will be able to (1) understand how the disability-competent care model maps to the CSWE’s 2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards competencies, (2) apply existing tools for building disability-competent practitioners in their courses, (3) skillfully frame disability as a core element of human diversity, and (4) begin to effectively prepare students to work competently with people with disabilities. The webinar is presented by Matthew Bogenschutz (Virginia Commonwealth University), Lydia Ogden (Simmons University), Jeanne Matich-Maroney (Iona College), and Christina Neill Bowen (Resources for Integrated Care).
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March 2017

March 2017 webinar picture

​How should social work education respond to the changing political landscape?

This webinar considers the integration of content on the changing political climate in social work education. Exploring the ramifications of the political context is important for advancing diversity and social justice. In this webinar we examine how the policies of the current political administration will affect social work with clients and communities, in particular the implications for marginalized groups. The CSWE Center for Diversity and Social & Economic Justice explores the question in this webinar and provides curated resources to further these discussions in the classroom. Participants will learn how to help students feel empowered to apply their skills and intervene on behalf of and with their clients in the face of the current political landscape by

  • helping create a vision of a just society,
  • providing information to help analyze the current political environment, and
  • critically considering how to frame issues for social change.


Webinar Series: What is Teaching for Social Justice?

This online teaching series prepares social work faculty members for teaching the intellectual and practical skills students need to engage in ending inequality and creating structures for inclusion. Over the course of fall 2015, this series offered a combination of live webinars, curriculum resources, and discussion forums that explored teaching social justice in the the following areas:

  • Race, poverty, and ethnicity (November 2015)
  • Disability (December 2015)
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity and expression (January 2016)
  • Feminism (January 2016)