Action Plan

Promoting Research Integrity in Social Work: Supporting our Programs, Faculty, and Students

The following is an Action Plan for CSWE and the Office of Social Work Education and Research for promoting research integrity in social work. CSWE activities related to the Action Plan are provided in bullet points below the action items. The list is updated periodically; if you have any questions contact Jessica Holmes.

  •     Offer Responsible Integrity educational opportunities at APM

                - Held Panel Discussion on Research Integrity at 2007 APM

  •     Develop research and ethics curriculum modules for BSW and MSW

                        - Panelists developed "Case Study" handout for participants

  •     Hold educational sessions at CSWE regional leadership conferences
  •     Offer hotline/contact person at CSWE to answer questions about IRBs

                        - CSWE has continued training for CSWE staff on responsible conduct of reserach and IRBs
                        - CSWE staff receive and respond to questions from members; connecting them to experts when appropriate. 

  •     Identify social workers serving on IRB (survey)
  •     Work with NADD/BPD to encourage deans/directors to increase number of faculty serving on IRBs
  •     Develop research mentoring programs
  •     Distribute National Statement on Research Integrity in Social Work to the CSWE Board, National Association of Social Workers, and CSWE membership

               - Sent copy of National Statement to the CSWE Board of Directors and Membership
               - Gave copies to the Leadership Roundtable (leadership of NASW, BPD, NADD, GADE, SSWR, IASWR, and St. Louis         Group)
               - Provided copies at CSWE APM and SSWR conferences.    

  •     Hold a pre-institute/presentation at SSWR
  •     Connect the National Statement back to the Commission on Curriculum and Educational Innovation (COCEI) and the Commission on Accreditation (COA) for revision of the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards
  •     Develop position papers for IRB change
  •     Schedule periodic re-examination and revision of the National Statement
  •     Develop policy for CSWE (internally) for the IRB/research process

              - CSWE has been working to formalize their reserach process. CSWE staff work with the faculty member primary investigator to obtain IRB approval for research.

  •     Work with journal editors around issues of good conduct