Statement on CSWE Conference Safety and Inclusiveness

Statement on CSWE Conference Safety and Inclusiveness

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is committed to providing a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for all meeting participants. CSWE’s Statement on Conference Safety and Inclusiveness outlines the expectations for all meeting participants, including all members, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, volunteers, guests, and CSWE staff. Cooperation is expected from everyone throughout the meeting. Regardless of whether a meeting is officially sponsored by CSWE, meeting organizers will actively implement this policy at all meetings and events.

The CSWE Annual Program Meeting (APM) is a national meeting intended for education, networking, and collaboration among the social work education community. We value the participation of each member of the social work education community and want all attendees to have an enjoyable, safe, and fulfilling experience. Thus, CSWE is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Discrimination, intimidation, or harassment based on (listed alphabetically) age, citizenship status, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

Expected Behavior

All participants are expected to show respect and courtesy to all attendees. These expectations align with the professional code (NASW Code of Ethics) that applies to the social work profession and is appropriate for a social work education conference. CSWE expects meeting participants to communicate professionally and constructively, whether in person or virtually. Participants are expected to handle dissent or disagreement with courtesy, dignity, and an open mind, being respectful when providing feedback, and being open to alternate points of view.

Unacceptable Behavior

Intimidation, discrimination, or harassment of meeting participants in any form will not be tolerated. Intimidation, discrimination, or harassment can include offensive verbal or written comments and negative behavior, either in real or virtual spaces. Unacceptable behavior also includes bullying, display of sexual images in public spaces, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, and unwelcome physical contact or sexual attention. Remember that exclusionary jokes can be offensive to those around you. Excessive swearing and offensive jokes are not appropriate for this forum.

Sexualized language and imagery, defined as language or images that represent sexual harassment, are not appropriate for any CSWE- event venue, including education sessions, workshops, exhibit halls, social gatherings, and within social media channels or online platforms. Sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers may not use sexualized language, images, activities, or other material or otherwise create a sexualized environment. Note that sexualized language does not include conference presentations and/or books on publishers’ displays based on qualitative interviews or other lived experiences that contain first-hand descriptions of oppression due to sexual harassment.
Meeting participants asked to stop unacceptable behavior are expected to comply immediately. If a participant engages in behavior that violates this policy, the meeting organizers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender, or expulsion from the meeting with no refund. CSWE also reserves the right to prohibit attendance at any future meeting. 

Reporting Inappropriate Behavior

We value the safety of all individuals; therefore, violations of this policy are taken seriously. If you are being intimidated, harassed, or discriminated against or notice that someone else is being treated in this manner, please notify a CSWE staff member or contact [email protected]. Meeting staff wearing CSWE name badges will be happy to help participants contact hotel/venue security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise help meeting participants feel safe for the duration of the conference.


By registering for and attending the APM, each participant acknowledges reviewing this disclaimer, and expressly releases CSWE and its board or council members, commissioners, employees, or agents from any and all liability in connection with such meeting as provided herein.

Thank you for helping make the CSWE APM a welcoming and productive event for all!