Invitation to 2024 Leadership and Service Opportunities

Dear Colleagues,

It is truly a pleasure to extend this invitation and encourage you to get involved with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)! CSWE’s distinguished commissions and councils offer all sorts of opportunities for members like you to not just give back to the organization, but also expand your leadership skills and make lasting connections with other social work education leaders.   

You can help shape the work of CSWE by applying to serve one of its commissions or councils, which are involved in a variety of cutting-edge issues and initiatives. If you’re excited about global issues, we have a commission for that; if you’re interested in research, we have a commission for that; if you’re passionate about disability issues, we have a council for that; if your focus is on women and gender issues, we have a council for that. If you want to help shape CSWE’s annual conference or influence the CSWE Press, we have councils for them too. This year, we are proud to launch a brand-new council: The Council on Environmental Justice and Human Rights. There are even more councils and commissions to choose from. Now is the time to apply for a 3-year appointment on a CSWE commissions and councils, with terms that begin on Monday, July 1, 2024. 

The people who serve on CSWE’s commissions and councils are crucial to advancing the work of the organization and the work of our profession. Your time and talent can help shape our direction. With five commissions and 12 councils from which to choose, there may be one that is a perfect fit for your skills, interests, or career trajectory. And, see below for additional leadership and service opportunities! 

Please browse this section of the CSWE website for a complete rundown of all the volunteer opportunities available to you. Join other social work leaders, professionals, and experts in leading the charge! You too can make a difference at CSWE.     

Applications are due Thursday, May 2, 2024. 


We hope you will be inspired to join us!   


Dr. Hilary Weaver  

CSWE Board of Directors Chair