Fellowship Review Committee Volunteers


The Fellowship Review Committee (FRC) serves as the primary review body for fellowship programs seeking initial or continued accreditation and is responsible for making accreditation decision recommendations to the Board of Accreditation (BOA). The FRC is a volunteer body comprised of social work educators and practitioners. 

Perks of Becoming a Fellowship Review Committee Member 

  • Engage in esteemed volunteer service and professional development 

  • Enhance your own accreditation expertise and technical discussion and writing skills which many contribute to your own social work fellowship accreditation efforts 

  • Learn about new, innovative, and promising social work education practices 

  • Have a network of peers and fellow volunteers with expertise in accreditation  

  • Receive annual letters of recognition for services, that may be used for promotions  

  • Contribute to the overall improvement of the social work profession and educational community  


Primary Functions 

Document Reviews 

The FRC is responsible for reviewing fellowship program self-studies, authorizing site visits, preparing summary reports of program strengths, concerns, and areas of improvement, and recommending an accreditation decision to the BOA. 

Site Visits/Site Visit Reports 

FRC members are expected to visit the fellowship programs whose Self-Study they have reviewed. FRC members may conduct up to two site visits per year; site visit travel expenses are reimbursed by CSWE. 

Virtual Meetings 

The FRC meets virtually three times a year (January, May, and September). Additional virtual meetings may be scheduled, as needed. FRC members are expected to attend all FRC meetings on time and participate until their conclusion. During these meetings, CSWE staff present updates and provide trainings, and the FRC reconciles site visit authorization decisions as well as initial accreditation and reaffirmation decision recommendations for the BOA’s consideration. The FRC also discusses accreditation matters, assesses the effectiveness of the accreditation process, and makes changes, as needed, to support the development and continuous improvement of fellowship accreditation. 


Social work practitioner and/or educator with fellowship education experience. 


Applicants who are eligible and interested in applying to become a member of the FRC must complete the application through the online application portal. Applications are open each spring.  

Within the application portal, applicants will: 

  • Respond to a brief set of questions (including a statement of interest)

  • Upload CV


CSWE accreditation staff evaluate applications based on applicant qualifications and to ensure a diverse and well-rounded group of volunteers, considering, but not limited to the following: geographic diversity, social work education experience, practice experience, and CSWE’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy Statement

Applicants will be notified of a decision by mid-June. FRC members are appointed to terms of 3-year terms of service, with the option to renew their appointment at the expiration of the term, for a total of two terms. This may include visits that take place after the expiration of the member’s term.  


To stay up-to-date on applications or information sessions please complete the Fellowship Review Committee (FRC) Interest Form.  

For more information, visit the Post-Master's Social Work Fellowship Accreditation webpage or contact Stephanie McNally, Manager of Fellowship Accreditation & Accreditation Operations, at [email protected].