Social Work Trends


Stay up-to-date with social work trends

Like many health-care career fields, continuing education is highly recommended (or required to maintain a license) in social work —after all, this is an evolving field!

Podcasts are a great option for staying current, and they’re convenient to listen to while you are on the go.

  • Give The Social Work Podcast a listen to hear more about topics affecting clinical work, research, and policy issues.
  • inSocialWork bridges the gap between academics and the practice of social work, making this podcast a great way for prospective social work students to find out what they can expect to learn during school and when working in the field.
  • The Doin' The Work: Frontline Stories of Social Change podcast features social workers who are working for social change and making a positive impact in their communities. 
If videos better fit your learning style, try watching Social Workers as Super-heroes:

In her TedX talk, Anna Scheyett demonstrates how broad the field of social work is and how social workers make a difference in their communities.