Graduated with a Different Degree?

Graduated with a different degree?

For those of you who have already graduated with a bachelor's degree, it's not too late to become a social worker. You can apply to a master’s program even if your undergraduate degree is in another discipline. For MSW applicants from other fields, it will be helpful to have taken courses in psychology, biology, sociology, economics, and political science.

Many social work programs offer a variety of learning options from part- to full-time on-campus to fully online, or somewhere in between. Check out the Council on Social Work Education's list of online and distance education offerings to learn more about your options.

Volunteering is another great way to add social work experience to your résumé. In fact, volunteering before you commit to a program can help you make sure you’re making the right career choice. Check out this handout for ideas on how to get started as a volunteer.