CSWE Bylaws Updated June 2022

CSWE provides national leadership and collective action designed to ensure the preparation and continued growth of competent and committed social work professionals. This includes promoting and maintaining the quality of social work educational programs and stimulating the development of knowledge, practice, and service effectiveness designed to promote social justice and further community and individual well-being. More information about CSWE's purpose can be found in its bylaws that were updated in June 2022.

Be a Leader!

There are several ways that CSWE membership allows you to be a leader in social work education:

CSWE Commissioner or Councilor

Each year CSWE seeks to identify new leadership for its commissions and councils. Please consider nominating those individuals who have an interest in this important volunteer work and leadership development or nominate yourself.
Nominations should include:

  • the consent of the nominee
  • current CV
  • statement identifying the requested appointment area and describing special areas of expertise and/or interest that will benefit that area

If appointed, nominees must become a member of CSWE. Information about the six commissions, along with their corresponding councils, can be found on the Governance Web page. Appointments are made by the CSWE chair every July. Please note: to be considered for membership on the Commission on Accreditation, you must have at least 3 years experience as a site visitor.

Beginning 2022, all CSWE memberships will start on July 1 each year and end on June 30 of the following year