2023 Feminist Manuscript Award Recipients

The manuscript, "Failed Mothers, Risky Children: Carceral Protectionism and the Social Work Gaze," authored by Drs. Sandra Leotti, Jennifer Muthanna, and Ben Anderson-Nathe, was selected for the 2023 Feminist Manuscript Award.  

Leotti, S. M., Muthanna, J. S., & Anderson-Nathe, B. (2023). Failed Mothers, Risky Children: Carceral Protectionism and the Social Work Gaze. Social Service Review. https://doi.org/10.1086/722776

Sandra Leotti pictureSandra Leotti, PhD, MSW, is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Social Work at the University of Wyoming.  Dr. Leotti's scholarship has a central focus on social justice, feminisms, and critical social work. Her current research explores two overlapping areas: the role of social work in upholding systems of injustice, and the examination of contemporary issues related to the carceral state. Her scholarship seeks to promote community-based, non-carceral approaches to addressing harm and need while integrating a critical understanding of the carceral state and its impact into social work research, practice, and education. 

Jennifer Muthanna pictureJennifer Muthanna, Ph.D. uses interpretive and constructivist methods to research questions related to gender and sexuality; youth and young people; equity and justice; and the position of youth work in the United States.


Ben Anderson-Nathe pictureBen Anderson-Nathe, Ph.D., is Professor of Child, Youth, and Family Studies at Portland State University School of Social Work (OR). He has experience in group care, community mental health, juvenile corrections, queer youth support, outdoor and recreational education, runaway and homeless youth services, and voluntary out-of-school programs.Co-author Dr. Eusebius Small is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work. His areas of interest are studying intimate partner violence, and substance use and sexual violence among youth.