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December 2020 Educator | Resource of the Month

The Center for Diversity and Social & Economic Justice Educator|Resource is a monthly feature that highlights curricular resources and social work educators who address diversity and justice.

Quote from Trauma Stewardship (back cover), by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky and Connie Burk. 

Can We Imagine a Better Future?

In her recent article featuring the short video, A Message From the Future II: The Years of Repair, Naomi Klein asks, “Can we imagine a better future?” A world “without prisons, … buried border walls, … healed ecosystems?” The recapped editions of the Educator|Resource from Summer and Fall 2020 cover teaching approaches to defining issues of our times: COVID-19, inequity, and climate change. For each, social work offers an action agenda and reason for hope.

A Recap of Topics from Summer and Fall 2020



Assessing Social Determinants of Disability and Health (July)

Lowering individual and group inequities in health calls for recognizing and addressing social determinants—social and economic conditions where people live—by making them part of health assessments.


Social Work in the (In)Justice System (August)

Recent incidents of racist police brutality have highlighted the need for social work to examine its relationship with the larger criminal (in)justice system and new ways to engage students in a critical approach to practice in this system.


Cultural Nuances in International Social Work Practice: The Philippines (September) 

Using a unique cultural lens, Dr. Guia Calicdan-Apostle brings the power of self-care reminiscent of Lipsky and Burk’s Trauma Stewardship to Filipino social workers providing services to those affected by the global pandemic.


Curricular Guide for Environmental Justice (October)

The Curricular Guide for Environmental Justice addresses the underlying contexts of environmental injustice that have not received adequate attention in mainstream social work, despite disparate impacts on marginalized communities.


Ten Ways to Create Racially Equitable Learning Environments (November)

As we pursue strategies to advance equity, we share 10 approaches that social work programs and colleges are using to create racially equitable learning environments in ways that support the missions of their institutions.

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