2024 Carl A. Scott Memorial Lecture Series

Dongwook Kim

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, School of Social Work

Updated-Headshot_DKIM-2.jpgDongwook Kim (he/him) is a Master of Social Work candidate, with a specialization on community practice, at the School of Social Work, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. His passion for making positive social changes at a larger scale inspired his academic journey in Social Work. Dongwook's educational background is diverse and robust, having earned a bachelor's degree in English and Political Science from Korea University in 2010, followed by a Master of Arts in Conflict Security and Development at King’s College London as a Chevening scholar (2010-2011).

Dongwook brings a wealth of professional experience in areas such as project management, advocacy, and child protection. During his practicum with Community-University Health Care Center, he addressed social determinants of health by connecting clients with resources. Prior to joining the program, he worked for NPOs in developing countries as a project manager.

Dongwook's professional interests are primarily in behavioral health, focusing on reducing stigma and implementing trauma-informed interventions within social and healthcare settings. With a solid foundation in academia and on-hands experience, he aims to break down the barriers of inequity through cultural competencies and person-centered approaches, enriched by his extensive cross-cultural professional engagements.


Selena Singh

Wichita State University

Headshot-2.jpegSelena Singh is a passionate advocate for marginalized communities and graduated with her BSW at Wichita State University in May 2024.  Selena's dedication to social justice is evident in her academic achievements and practical experiences. She currently serves as a Child Protective Specialist intern at the Kansas Department of Children and Families, where she actively contributes to child welfare and family support services. Through this role, Selena advocates for the rights and well-being of vulnerable children and families, embodying the core principles of social work practice. In addition to her academic pursuits, Selena volunteers as a case manager for the ICT Street Team, providing essential support and resources to individuals experiencing homelessness in her community. Her empathy and compassion shines through her persistency to improve the lives of those in need.

Selena's journey in social work is characterized by her dedication to effecting positive change and promoting social equity. Her diverse background, along with her passion for advocacy, positions her as a promising leader in the field. As she transitions from a college student to a full-time social worker, Selena's compassion, drive, and commitment will undoubtedly continue to inspire and uplift those around her. Selena’s career goals are to impact lives by addressing systemic inequalities and fostering inclusive healthcare environments.