Religion and Spirituality Educational Resources

Religion and Spirituality Educational Resources

The Religion and Spirituality Clearinghouse (RSC) initiative is relevant to all the 2008 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards of CSWE, in particular the following core competencies:

  • Educational Policy 2.1.2 regarding application of ethical principles to guide practice and to recognize and manage personal values accordingly;
  • Educational Policy 2.1.4 regarding engaging diversity in practice, especially religious diversity and its intersection with other factors of diversity, all of which influence the formation of identity and experiences of oppression and negative discrimination;
  • Educational Policy 2.1.7 regarding knowledge of human behavior and the social environment, especially spiritual development; and
  • Educational Policy 3.1 regarding an educational program's commitment to diversity, including religious diversity, as reflected in the overall learning environment.

Resources can be applied as educational components within courses throughout the curriculum, specialized courses on religion and spirituality, or continuing education offerings.

Accepted Resources

Module: Teaching Resource on Spirituality and Mental Health Recovery - Insights From the Art and Words of Consumers of Mental Health Services (PDF)

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