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KAKI Grants Program

2017 KAKI Grantee Dr. Jane McPherson and project partners in Grenada

Since 2015 the Katherine A. Kendall Institute for International Social Work Education (KAKI) has awarded grants that support international social work education projects to prepare United States students for global citizenship and encourage opportunities for international social work. This year KAKI has revised its call to emphasize the need for projects to bring the global context into the United States social work classroom and be transferable and sustainable across institutions.

2019 Grant Request for Proposals

KAKI is now accepting proposals for the 2019 KAKI Grant. The grant cycle spans 3 years (July 1, 2019–June 31, 2022) and offers up to $10,000 for at least three grantees. For further information and instructions on how to apply, please review the 2019 Request for Proposal. 

Proposals are accepted via FluidReview through Friday, April 19, 2019, 5:00 pm EDT. Instructions on how to submit your application via FluidReview are available here.

NEW! Cohort Model

To help provide peer support, share expertise, and foster an opportunity for networking, the 2019 KAKI grantees will participate in a cohort model. The cohort will have the opportunity to connect with each other throughout the grant cycle and some grantees will have the opportunity to report on their work at the 2019 CSWE Annual Program Meeting.

Informational Webinar

KAKI hosted an informational webinar on February 25 for interested applicants.
The recording of the webinar is available here.
The PowerPoint used for the webinar is available here.

Webinar Panelists:
Katherine Lord, CSWE Program Associate, KAKI Grant Administrator
Lynne Healy, KAKI Advisory Board Chairman
Peter Szto, KAKI Advisory Board Member
Jane McPherson, 2017 KAKI Grant Recipient, University of Georgia

2019 KAKI Grant Timeline At-a-Glance