Enhancing Minority Student Development Participation Through Collaboration With the United Nations

Alabama A&M University

International social work has increasingly become evident in social work curricula. It is one way by which students get exposed to global development and cross culture learning.This project aims to introduce minority students at a selected HBCU social work program to an initial understanding of international education through collaboration with the United Nations. The project will accept 15 undergraduate and graduate social work students who have expressed interest in international education including cross-culture learning.


Transcending Boundaries: Connecting University of Georgia Social Work Students and Their Grenadian Peers in Virtual and Actual Space

University of Georgia


2017 Grantee Dr. Jane McPherson and project partners in Grenada, WI

"Transcending Boundaries: Connecting University of Georgia (UGA) Social Work Students to Their Grenadian Peers in Virtual and Actual Space" is an innovative program that uses technology to bring geographically distant and culturally different students together in virtual spaces in order to expand their personal commitment to—and knowledge of—global social work challenges and interventions. Beyond the specific students who participate, this project will advance international education for U.S.-based students by providing a free, downloadable toolkit educators who wish to replicate or adapt this educational intervention at their own institutions.



Global Justice: Social Workers, Breathing Life Into New Possibilities, Integrating Global–Local Thinking About Social Problems to Rebuild Healthy and Vibrant Communities

University of MichiganFlint

Students and faculty from University of Michigan - Flint and University of Fort Hare in South Africa

2017 Kendall Institute grantees from University of Michigan–Flint and University of Fort Hare in South Africa during their first of two symposiums

Driven by our continued commitment to encourage global justice the proposed project is multi-layered, with a broad intention to integrate local–global dialogue in the social work curriculum as a way to breathe life into new possibilities, rebuilding of healthy and vibrant communities. This project intends to offer a virtual gathering space for critical dialogues connecting and understanding that social problems having a local-global context, with students, faculty/staff and community members in these different locales. The goal is to facilitate a space to support dialogue about what our communities are experiencing, preparing a space for paradigm shift in social work by offering a rethink, reorienting our practice with attendance to global justice.

Each program will received a $10,000 grant to complete its project. Resources developed from these projects will be available on the  Kendall Institute website after the projects are completed.

Please contact k[email protected] for more information on the Kendall Institute grants.