Get to Know My World: Jamaican and U.S. Experiences Through PhotoVoice​​

Project Lead: Cassandra Barragan
Eastern Michigan University

Using the theme “Get to know my world,” people in the United States and Jamaica will have a chance for a meaningful exchange regarding mental health issues, substance abuse, and human trafficking. Students and faculty members will complete a PhotoVoice project to facilitate the sharing of stories between the United States and Jamaica in local and national settings. 


Academic Service Learning and Global Justice Agenda: Advancing Reproductive Health Education for Ghana’s Youths (Ghana Youth Aware)

Project Lead: Dorie J. Gilbert
Norfolk State University

Ghana Youth Aware! encompasses an international exchange between The Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work at Norfolk State University (NSU) and the University of Ghana, Department of Social Work, to address menstrual hygiene management and reproductive health education for Ghana’s youths. As a signature project to launch an international academic service-learning curriculum at NSU, social work students from both universities will help establish sanitary pad sewing centers in Ghana’s home economics classes and develop reproductive health educational dramas performed by and for Ghanaian youths.


​Social Work Virtual Pal

Project Lead: Laurel Hitchcock
University of Alabama at Birmingham

#SWVirtualPal, an innovation that builds on the original penpal idea,  is an online community for social workers from around the globe with the goal of helping them engage, learn from each other, and hopefully collaborate. The project will help expand the reach of Social Work Virtual Pal, which currently exists as a X/Twitter account @SWVirtualPal with an accompanying hashtag #SWVirtualPal, by developing a website and mobile app along with a social work educator’s guide.


The World Speaks and We Listen: Educating Global Citizens

Project Lead: Ann Petrila
University of Denver

This project will produce an educational video featuring the faces and voices of the grantee's global partners, primarily those who have survived human rights violations, including war, gender violence, crimes against humanity, and genocide. Through the stories of survivors, students will learn about the impact of issues that are currently present internationally as well as in the United States, including the rise of nationalism, the danger of propaganda, forced deportation, and the role of the media in human rights violations. Follow-up educational modules will give students the opportunity to hone the skills needed to work on the international stage.


Global Social Work Learning Communities

Project Lead: Aster Tecle
University of Utah

Global Social Work Learning Communities (GLC) is a curriculum project and an innovative teaching method that includes student cohorts from communities living at the margins in Asia and Africa, individuals of immigrant and refugee backgrounds living in Salt Lake City, and North American students at the University of Utah, College of Social Work. Through online and face-to-face teaching platforms, students from these diverse backgrounds and locations will come together in an innovative space of teaching and learning to become global social change agents who think critically about our relationships and decisions and their impact on the local–global spectrum. Additionally, social work students can move from the often-unattainable goal of cultural competency to cultural humility that values multiple forms of knowledge and seeks to practice from a framework of peace-building and justice.

Each program will receive a grant of up to $10,000 to complete its project. Resources developed from these projects will be available on the Kendall Institute website after the projects are completed.

Please contact k[email protected] for more information on the Kendall Institute grants.