The Katherine A. Kendall Institute for International Social Work Education's first cohort of grantees completed their final projects in spring 2018. The three grantees were selected based on their innovative projects that addressed a variety of important issues in international social work education. Their final reports and accompanying materials are available below. 


Expanding Global Learning Opportunities for Diverse and Underserved Students

Project Lead: Ellen Livingston, MSW
Bowie State University

"Expanding Global Learning for Diverse and Underserved Undergraduate Students" seeks to implement global service learning modules for diverse and underserved students enrolled in Bowie State University’s (BSU) Department of Social Work, a Historical Black College/University (HBCU). This project will educate students by inviting them to attend a three-day seminar series, which will be conducted in each semester over the next two academic years. As a result of attending this seminar series, students will be able to understand global social issues and human conditions in Germany, Cuba, and South Africa, and explore various cross sections of international social work in other countries.

Bowie State University's Final Report


Environmental Social Work Practice: A Global Perspective

University of Maryland

This project includes the development and piloting of an innovative joint BSW/MSW course that will not only provide important content on environmentalism for social work students interested in international social work but also test synchronous teaching of the course in India and the United States. The course, "Environmental Social Work Practice: A Global Perspective," will be offered as an independent study for BSW students and as an MSW elective course in both countries. It will be piloted and taught by social work faculty from both countries.

University of Maryland's Final Report
Environmentalism Social Work Practice and Policy Course Syllabus 


Preparing Social Workers for Globally Informed Practice: International Curriculum Enhancement and Community Outreach at the University of Portland

University of Portland

This project addresses a need in the Dorothy Day Social Work Program at the University of Portland to expand and enhance its curricular approach to multicultural competence. Specifically, it will assist the program to increase students’ knowledge of international issues and develop their skills at navigating religiously, ethnically, racially, and culturally diverse environments in a global context. The populations served by the proposed project include both students and local and international communities with whom students will engage.

University of Portland's Final Report
Social Welfare and Social Justice Course Syllabus 
Cultural Diversity and Cultural Competence Course Syllabus