CSWE Publicly-Posted Assessment Outcomes Video Tutorial

Per the requirement of CSWE Board of Accreditation’s recognizing body, the Council on Higher Education Accreditation, and accreditation standard 4.0.3 (2015 EPAS) and 5.0.1(d) (2022 EPAS), programs must post student assessment outcomes publicly on its website and routinely update (minimally every 2 years) its findings. Programs must provide CSWE with the weblink to the published form on the program’s website where it is accessible to the public. Data presented on the form must be collected within 2 years of today’s date at all times.  

*Please note, data from academic year 2021-2022 will be outdated in the coming months*
Below is a short tutorial on how to complete the form with links to the forms below:

  • Context/Purpose: 00:47
  • Accessing and Completing Form: 1:54
  • Date Requirement of Data: 10:12
  • Required Content on Form: 12:50
  • Logistics of Form: 15:15

Standards and required forms to use when posting outcomes: 
2015 EPAS 
Accreditation Standard 4.0.3: The program uses Form AS 4(B) and/or Form AS 4(M) to report its most recent assessment outcomes for each program option to constituents and the public on its website and routinely up-dates (minimally every 2 years) its findings. 
2015 EPAS Forms:  

2022 EPAS 
Accreditation Standard 5.0.1(d): The program posts its assessment plan and summary outcomes publicly on its webpage using Form AS 5.0.1(d). The findings are updated every two years, at minimum. 

2022 EPAS Forms: