2023 CSWE Election Candidate Statements

Candidate Statements for the 2023 CSWE Election

All positions are 3-year terms, beginning July 1, 2023, and ending June 30, 2026, except for the Vice Chair/Secretary, who will serve as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee for 1 year beginning July 1, 2023, and ending June 30, 2024.

The 2023 Election will be run according to CSWE Bylaws. Changes to the voting process were enacted in 2022 such that each accredited member program has appointed two voting delegates. If you have questions about the election process, please contact [email protected]. If you have questions about who are the voting delegates representing your program, please contact your program. 

Nominees for the CSWE Board of Directors 

Vice Chair/Secretary

IMG_38361.pngJoan Blakey, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (MN)

I am running for the CSWE Board of Directors because I have benefited from or served the CSWE organization for over 15 years. I started as a Minority Fellow, Council Member, and Commissioner. Currently, I am on the Board of Directors. I want to work with Dr. Halaevalu F. O. Vakalahi and other board members to help our new President establish her new vision and help the organization fulfill its mission. I have served in several leadership roles, and being a board member is another way I would like to give back to the organization.

First and foremost, I bring passion and commitment to strengthening the profession. Values such as social justice, anti-racism, equity, and inclusion are not fully embedded throughout our profession. These values are critical to the future of social work. I bring innovative ideas that challenge the profession to think outside the box to solve problems creatively. I am a hard worker and will do everything possible to ensure the organization's success. I am task driven and work well with others, which makes me an ideal team member. As a social worker, I have never lost my passion for the field, and my commitment to strengthening the social work profession only increases over time.

My vision is for CSWE to lead the profession locally and globally by advocating for policies and practices that enhance the well-being of individuals, families, communities, and schools of social work. My vision for social work education is to ensure that schools of social work are prepared to meet the needs of students and the profession more broadly.

Quiros-photo.jpgLaura Quiros, Montclair State University (NJ)

I tell my students that the work has to start with us. My social work career began in my home. Growing up with a Black and Latino father and a White and Polish Jewish mother, I was familiar with the intergenerational and present traumas of racism and antisemitism. From a young age, I worked to create inclusive, brave, and safe spaces of belonging. Today, I am committed to working in collaboration to create and nurture welcoming spaces. It is my “calling.”

I am running for the Board of Directors Vice Chair/Secretary position because I want a seat at the table to push us to be braver as a profession. I wish to examine policies and procedures that govern our profession and help to develop recommendations for change that are responsive to the environment. I want to uplift the needs of my students and colleagues, especially those who have been marginalized by society. I am running to work in partnership to uphold our mission of social justice.

I bring the skills of facilitation and leadership. I bring a trauma informed social justice lens, love and empathic accountability. I bring the experiences of leading, teaching and negotiating in different spaces, from my home environment and community, to the classroom and the board room. I have served in roles including being an associate dean, member of the board of directors at Selfhelp community services and Prospanica Center for Social Justice, and am a sought-out trainer and speaker.

My vision for CSWE and social work education lives in liberation and joy as we continue to grapple with systemic inequities. How do we challenge the complexity of oppression, and find time to take care of ourselves and each other? Thank you for your consideration.

Graduate Program Representative 

Bolton-E-1.jpgKristin Bolton, University of North Carolina at Wilmington (NC) 

I am honored to be considered for the CSWE Board of Directors as the graduate representative. This is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and to serve the profession. Currently, I serve as a Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator, and Interim Associate Director in the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. My interest in serving on the board is grounded in my passion for social work education and commitment to supporting the educational journey of the next generation of social workers. In addition, this is an exciting time for CSWE as we enter a new era of leadership. With that being said, I bring over a decade of experience in social work education that includes leading graduate programs, program innovation, CSWE commission work, and a desire to continue to foster student success in a post pandemic environment. This opportunity allows for numerous opportunities to shape the vision of social work education to support the current generation of students, faculty, and field.

I envision a CSWE that acknowledges and addresses the greatest challenges in higher education today. Some important areas of focus include rising educational costs and student debt, the well-being of students and faculty, and continual evaluation of the best practices in preparing future social workers to engage in antiracist, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed practice. I look forward to the possibility of contributing as a board member.

Dr-Nichols-Associate-Dean-Photo-011723.jpgQuienton Nichols, Fayetteville State University (NC)

Being nominated for the position of graduate faculty representative for the CSWE Board of Directors is a great honor. At Fayetteville State University's School of Social Work, I serve as both the Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Social Work. I'm running for the position of Graduate Program Representative for the CSWE Board of Directors because I'm excited for the chance to be able to give back to an organization that has given so much to my academic journey and profession to which I'm so strongly engaged, and which have had such a significant impact on my growth. I am a driven academic administrator with over 15 years of progressive, responsible administrative experience in organizational change and development and 20 years of experience as a graduate faculty within graduate education. I am a diligent compassionate leader who is passionate about graduate education; have well-defined organizational, collaborative, and decision-making skills; and the stamina to serve as a graduate faculty representative.

My vision for CSWE is to keep supporting the council's initiatives to "promote faculty development, advance social work education and achieving and maintaining competency in the areas of diversity, privilege, oppression, and intersectionality with laser focused attention on antiracism, diversity equity and inclusion. My vision for social work education as the graduate faculty representative would be to assist CSWE with efforts that continue to attract professors, practitioners, and students to the profession who are varied in terms of their racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, and country of origin. It would be both an honor and privilege to serve the membership in this capacity and I seek your vote for that opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.

Graduate Faculty Representative 

CSWE-Profile-Photo_Suk_hee-Kim.jpgSuk-hee Kim, Northern Kentucky University (KY)

I am deeply honored and humbled to be considered for the Graduate Faculty Representative position on the CSWE’s Board of Directors. I am currently an associate professor at Northern Kentucky University School of Social Work. I recall experiencing a spark of excitement and strong calling during my first attendance at a CSWE annual meeting, and the enthusiasm I felt at that time inspired and led me to a life-long commitment to social work education. To this day, I am determined to be the most effective and caring instructor to the students I have in my classrooms and to the students I mentor in my research projects. My interest in serving on the Board of Directors is grounded in my experience as a social work educator, researcher, community partner, and global educator for over two decades. I have had the opportunity to teach and promote social work education nationally and internationally on both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and aspire to provide insight in the field of social work education as a Graduate Faculty Representative. I have developed social work undergraduate and graduate courses to equip students with workforce ready skills and have also established a micro credential in gerontology. My contributions enabled NKU to become Kentucky’s first Age-Friendly University, as I have collaborated with the Age-Friendly University coalition team to further develop high-impact teaching practices, scholarship opportunities, and community engagement initiatives that have included focusing on human trafficking, health equity, academic collaboration, mental health, opioid crisis, aging, and workforce development. It is my passion to be an advocate for social work graduate faculty and education, and my vision is to welcome the opportunity to navigate a variety of challenges, build bridges between CSWE and graduate faculty collaborators, and focus on elevating and supporting our next generation of social work professionals.

Thomas_2022-photo.jpgRebecca Thomas, University of Connecticut (CT)

My name is Rebecca L. Thomas, MSW, Ph.D., Professor, and the Director of the University of Connecticut School of Social Work Center for International Social Work Studies. I represent the International Association of Schools at the United Nation on the NGO Committee of migration and serve on the Katherine Kendal Advisory Board. I am running to serve as a Graduate Faculty Representative to CSWE’s Board of Directors. As a scholar, and professor of social work, I am deeply committed to anti-oppressive practice, to principles of anti-racism, and structural change that promote social, economic, and environmental justice. I am a strong advocate on a local, national, and international level for diversity, equity, and inclusion as human rights.

I am thoughtful, reflective, and a critical thinker who has had various experiences that represent the interest of graduate education. My excellent communication, interactional and analytical skills promote a collaborative approach to advance excellence and innovation in social work education and research. I am a macro practitioner, and the previous chair of CSWE’s Commission on Global Social Work Education and through my leadership have worked with colleagues from multiple universities to implement initiatives that represent the priorities of the Council on Global Social Issues, Council on Global Learning and Practices, Committee on Environmental Justice, and the Committee on Human Rights. I will continue to bring a global perspective to the discourse.

My vision as a Board Member is to advance the strategic goals of CSWE and work collaboratively with colleagues on priorities to advance policies and programs that best support a diverse, inclusive, and global agenda. As the new EPAS are rolled out, I am committed to advancing the competencies identified as learning outcomes, while addressing the complex social issues affecting diverse, vulnerable populations.

Undergraduate Program Representative 

Perry-Web.jpgTonya Perry, Alabama A&M University (AL)

I am honored to have been nominated to serve on the Board of Directors as the Undergraduate Program Representative. My connection with CSWE began when I was a doctoral student and MFP Fellow. Over the years, I have been an active member of CSWE, for which I have served on the Women’s Council and completed 2 terms on the National Nominating Committee (NNC). In collaboration with a diversity of colleagues from various institutions, we have made lasting contributions to social work education. As a womanist scholar, seasoned social work educator and administrator, I am running for a Board position because I want to contribute my voice, my experience and my skills toward supporting CSWE’s mission, which is fundamentally concerned with advancing our profession through the pursuit of excellence in social work education and research. Our undergraduate programs are the training ground for the future of our profession and I would be privileged to represent them on the Board.

I am Professor and Chair of the Department of Social Work and Associate Dean for Student Success for the College of Education, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences at Alabama A & M University. Having taught at Fordham University, and Howard University, and served 24 years as an inspired teacher, lifelong learner, and social work administrator, I am a student-centered leader in social work education. I am a million dollar grant writer with skills in curriculum development, mentoring and leadership development. My vision for CSWE and social work education is that our work will continue be driven by the core values of our profession. In so doing, we will ensure that the intersectional realities of our students, colleagues and client populations are at the center of our work to achieve excellence in social work education and research that is grounded in social justice.

carter-web.jpgCheri Carter, Temple University (PA)

While I am honored to be considered for the BSW representative position on the Board of Directors, the process of composing a candidate statement has been challenging because it is not in my nature to focus on self, as I believe my role as a social work professional is to build community.

The NASW Code of Ethics guides my leadership and teaching style. I am a servant leader and instructor, showing up authentically for students, supervisees, and colleagues. My work is about them, not about me. I am a uniquely qualified ambassador for BSW Education because of my expertise, committee work and other professional activities, including my research involvement with students and colleagues. As a BSW Program Director I focus on ensuring TU BSW students’ content knowledge is on par with their counterparts at other CSWE Accredited schools and keeping pace with the changing roles and responsibilities of social workers. To do this, I consistently seek feedback from multiple stakeholders including the Office of Practicum Education, faculty, students, and agency personnel; review the literature, consider the NASW Code of Ethics and the CSWE Competencies. Most of all, I listen, I trust, and I serve.

My vision for CSWE and Social Work Education is to ensure the BSW degree is given the professional status it deserves, to ensure equity regarding ASWB licensing, to increase interprofessional education opportunities, to highlight the importance of community engagement, to recruit individuals to the profession that mirror the diverse populations we serve, and to increase awareness and respect for the social work profession.

Undergraduate Faculty Representative  

24_1_trawver_photo.jpgKathi Trawver, University of Alaska, Anchorage (AK)

Thank you for the honor of being nominated for the position of undergraduate faculty representative for the CSWE Board of Directors. Having worked extensively as a social worker in rural/remote and underserved areas, I know first-hand the critical role that BSW graduates play in meeting individual and community needs and the importance of having a strong educational foundation to effectively navigate the complex practice challenges they face. Further, serving as the BSW Program Director for the past 16 years at the University of Alaska Anchorage, I am deeply committed to providing high-quality undergraduate education and expanding access and offering meaningful student supports to recruit and retain students who represent the diverse communities and constituencies we serve as social workers. This position will allow me to further support these goals.

I bring to this position extensive practice, undergraduate and graduate social work education, and leadership experience. I have served on numerous community and academic boards, holding both membership and leadership roles. Specific to CSWE, I have been an elected member of the Board of Directors Nominating Committee (2018-2021), Councilor on the Council on Conferences and Faculty Development (2014-2020); Chair of the APM Disabilities Conference Track (2009-2020), and Councilor/Assistant Chair for the Council on Disability and Persons with Disabilities (2008-2014).

I believe that CSWE can continue to play a significant leadership role in driving high quality undergraduate and graduate social work education while developing more supports and student-driven strategies to create education that is ever more inclusive, responsive, and supportive of today’s compelling student needs. I would be privileged to serve CSWE membership representing undergraduate faculty and helping to actualize this vision. Thank you for your consideration.

valutis_web.jpgStephanie Valutis, Christopher Newport University (VA)

With almost 25 years of experience in undergraduate social work education, I would be honored to contribute to the work of CSWE, the advancement of undergraduate social work education, and the integrity of the profession as an Undergraduate Faculty Representative.

My experience includes extensive classroom instruction, serving as a BASW program director, leading multiple accreditation and reaffirmation cycles at two universities, and leadership for community nonprofit boards. Prior to academia, I was a hospital social worker in multiple hospitals and medical centers. These experiences have provided knowledge, skills, and perspective necessary for meaningful contributions in this role.

I believe CSWE and social work education can lead the effort of dismantling systemic inequities by exploring how the profession itself may perpetuate inequity at all system levels. This work requires full engagement and collaboration between CSWE and social work programs. At their best – beyond an exercise of compliance – accreditation and reaffirmation activities transform education, professional socialization and the profession. I would welcome the opportunity to promote and advance the CSWE vision and mission – excellence and innovation in social work education resulting in an educated workforce equipped to promote health, well-being, and justice in a diverse society.


Nominees for the National Nominating Committee  

Graduate Program Representative  (Open Position 1 of 2)

Elkins-29331-web.jpgJennifer Elkins, University of Georgia (GA)

I am honored to be nominated to serve on CSWE’s National Nomination Committee. I am an associate professor and MSW program director at the University of Georgia with a long record of local, regional, and national service and leadership. I believe that my scholarship in trauma and trauma informed care – including a current focus on culturally sustaining, anti-oppressive, and trauma-informed approaches to teaching, learning and leadership in higher education – offers a unique lens to see us through the uncertainty, challenges, and opportunities ahead of us. I bring nearly 25 years of knowledge, experience, and skills as a creative social work practitioner, scholar, and administrator that can be best summed up by calling upon Mary Church Terrell’s words: "And so, lifting as we climb, onward and upward we go, struggling and striving, and hoping that the buds and blossoms of our desires will burst into glorious fruition 'ere long."

I am running for this position because I am passionate and dedicated to high quality graduate social work education that prepares future generations of social workers to meet our most pressing challenges. I am committed to: (1) mentoring the next generation of social work practitioners, researchers, and educators with a focus on nurturing underrepresented future/emerging leaders; (2) upholding and reinforcing a professional culture of inclusivity, equity, respect, and safety across all CSWE spaces and platforms; (3) addressing historical and ongoing systemic racism, oppression, white supremacy, settler colonialism, state violence, cissexism, and heterosexism. I am guided by a vision for CSWE and social work education that proactively:
• Advances critical, empowering, transformative social work education and scholarship centering anti-racist, decolonizing, counter-hegemonic, anti-oppressive, trauma informed, healing centered, liberatory, abolitionist, LGBTQIA2S+ affirming, culturally sustaining approaches;
• Bridges the micro-mezzo-macro practice divide; and
• Increases social justice-centered responsivity, advocacy, solidarity, and support for faculty/programs in states experiencing socio-political threats.

2022-Grumbach.jpgGisella Grumbach, Governors State University (IL)

I was selected by CSWE to participate in the MFP program in the past (as a doctoral fellow). I benefitted immensely from that experience (i.e., mentoring, networking, and engagement in workshops) and actively encourage current students to apply.

My journey with CSWE started as a minority fellow and reviewer for the master’s fellowship program. It is my pleasure to volunteer with CSWE in this capacity and I consider it an honor to be a part of that process.

My leadership skills have included a steady progression over the years. I have served as president of my state’s national association of social workers, I have completed a two-year national extension leadership training program, and I have served in several administrative positions throughout my career.

I believe in culturally humble leadership practices and my goal in leadership is to enhance the strengths in others. Social work faculty, in my opinion, are extremely capable, innovative, and progressive. Leadership opportunities through CSWE will allow me to honor that tradition of seeing the strengths that exist and considering ways to support it.

My goal for serving is to honor its legacy of CSWE as it supports quality education in social work. My vision is to work on ideas for professional development as we prepare the field to respond to society’s needs of social and economic justice. My vision for social work education is to see the effective use of our knowledge base in relation to our need to evaluate curricula for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. My vision aligns with CSWE’s vision to ensure that we have well- educated social work professionals who are capable of promoting the health and well-being of client systems in a dynamic and ever-changing diverse society.

Graduate Program Representative  (Open Position 2 of 2)

ETomaszewski2_web.jpgEvelyn Tomaszewski, George Mason University (VA)

I have worked and currently volunteer with several social work associations and allied alliances and organizations, and the energy, skills and genuine commitment to both the work of the group and the clients and communities served continues to inspire me. I am interested in running because my own experiences have both helped me to understand the complexities of leadership identification and development, but also that we must work to identify and more solidly support the leadership development of social workers who either do not see CSWE as important, and/or those that historically have not been sought out to be part of CSWE. I believe it is important for the NNC to ensure all social workers know about the range of opportunities that we have to serve in volunteer leadership roles. This requires a commitment to both outreach and engagement with social workers in a thoughtful and purposeful manner that not only meets the language of the DEI statement of CSWE, but works to create slates that are truly reflective of the diversity of our profession.

My work has provided me the opportunity to meet social workers across the US and territories who as supporting their professional association and/or other allied alliances and organizations. I hope to tap into their interest in serving at the local, regional, state, and national volunteer capacity – as well as those persons in their networks – to help ‘widen the circle’ of social workers interested in serving in a volunteer leadership role (be it committees or elected and appointed positions) within CSWE. I envision CSWE continuing to grow both as the profession grows and in response to the needs of social work providers: requiring us all to better respond to the need to address social work education and practice inclusive of the micro/ macro/ and mezzo.

Rebecca-Gomez-web.jpgRebecca Gomez, Virginia Commonwealth University (VA)

I am deeply honored to be nominated to serve on the CSWE National Nominating Committee. Serving on this committee provides the opportunity to positively impact social work education by empowering a diverse group of faculty to serve in positions at CSWE. I have served in leadership roles within social work programs at Minority Serving Institutions (HSI and AAPI) that include small teaching and large research universities, as well as private and public universities. I have provided leadership in both MSW and PhD programs. This breadth of experience helps me appreciate the unique contributions of all the faculty and programs represented by CSWE. In 2020 CSWE honored me with the Distinguished Recent Contribution to Social Work Education award for my leadership in increasing access and equity within social work education. CSWE has a wonderfully broad and diverse membership and I am committed to ensuring that the perspectives and needs of all of these stakeholders are represented in our leadership.

I have been privileged to serve CSWE in several capacities. This includes two terms as the Addictions track chair, service on the CAS Advisory Board, Co-Chair of the Substance Use Curricular Guide, and service as a Doctoral Fellowship application reader for the Minority Fellowship Program. CSWE is the body that shapes social work education. I value the opportunity to advance social work values within the context of the organization.

We are at a transformative juncture for higher education in general and social work education in particular. Our profession faces many challenges, and along with those challenges come opportunities. We have great potential to evolve in a manner that reflects the diversity of our communities, positions us to confront injustice, and to transform our institutions and communities. In order to realize our ideals we must engage varied perspectives through a diverse leadership body.

Undergraduate Program Representative 

Dr-Jones.pngApril Jones, Tuskegee University (AL)

The National Nominating Committee is important to the morale and showcase of social work educators’ contributions to the world. It is important for a diverse committee with experience to review and rate the nominations. I am running as a BSW program administrator who believes in recognizing the accomplishments of one’s career. The position is important and I wish to bring DEI into the process and sound judgment to the group deliberations for a final selection of the nominee to the Board of Directors.

I bring the skills of the position my knowledge of the nomination process, my commitment to goals and objectives, and my contributions made during my tenure on the committee for changes with policy and new awards to address DEI of the diverse workspaces in social work education. In addition, I bring experience as a BSW Program Department Head being responsible for the promotion of talent/recognition, the ability to think critically and analytically; and, upholding professional ethics are all skills for objective participation on the committee for a sound decision-making process.

I mimic the CSWE’s vision for its members and students to bring DEI, social justice, global education, and 21st Century learning with the use of technology and new concepts for traditional and nontraditional social work instruction, education, and practice within the organizations. In addition, the vision of #one CSWE and an all-inclusive body of members that includes students, faculty of all ranks, and our community partners working together to grow and develop the profession to make positive social change in the world.

sousa-meixell.jpgLori Sousa-Meixell, Roberts Wesleyan College (NY)

I am honored to be considered for the CSWE’s National Nominating Committee. Currently, I serve as the Co-Chair of the Department of Social Work and BSW Program Director at Roberts Wesleyan University.

As a practitioner turned educator, I have specialized in macro social work. With a concentration in nonprofit leadership and organizational development, I spent most of my early career working to create empowering environments for underrepresented communities. I established a community development corporation that served as a lead agency to address the needs of marginalized populations. In this capacity, I conducted assessments and led advocacy efforts to secure federal, state, and local funding. For 15 years, I have brought my passion for community development and advocacy to social work education. My research and teaching center on policy practice, social justice, and human rights. One of my foundational goals is to create environments where students are prepared to be effective and ethical practitioners.

In my current administrative role, I have demonstrated my commitment to equitable and accessible social work education by leading efforts to diversify instructional delivery and teaching methods. I believe social work education must be responsive to student needs and reflect the equitable, inclusive, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive perspective it endeavors to uphold.

I recognize that CSWE is uniquely positioned to shape social work education and practice. If elected, I will collaborate with colleagues to nominate leaders with a renewed vision for innovative, responsive, and inclusive social work education. With strong leadership, CSWE will continue to lead the global advancement of human rights, social justice, and the enhancement of life for all people.

Undergraduate Faculty Representative (Open Position 1 of 2) 

chung-web.jpgInsoo Chung, Norfolk State University (VA)

I am running for the undergraduate faculty representative on the CSWE National Nominating Committee. I believe my credentials and work experience positions me favorably for this position.

My twenty-year teaching experience in various subject areas at both undergraduate and graduate levels has prepared me a strong advocate for BSW program. I believe that BSW education is pivotal in equipping students with a wide range of and essential knowledge, skills and values for their becoming ethical practitioners and competent social workers. I emphasize the cultivation of students’ critical thinking skills and respect to unique experience and different cultures of diverse groups in society. My teaching experience at two HBCUs and a culturally diverse higher-ed institution has made me aware of, and sensitive to the needs of students who have different socioeconomic status and diverse backgrounds. I strongly advocate for the culturally diverse students’ academic advancement. In addition, collaborative interdisciplinary teaching and learning is the center of my pedagogy to promote students’ reflective thinking and enhance their communicative and trans-cultural skills.

Concerning academic and professional service, I went through three CSWE accreditation and reaffirmation processes. At Shaw University, I was in charge of the entire social work program assessment. I also served on the curriculum committee and developed several social work courses. In my current position at The Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work at Norfolk State University, I’ve served on various departmental, school and university level committees: Macro Concentration Feasibility Committee, Assessment Committee, International Planning Committee, Library Committee, QEP Committee and NSU IRB Committee.

I believe my substantial experience in various areas of social work and skills in curriculum development, program assessment, organizing and collaborative teamwork building will contribute to dealing with the challenges of social work education and social work practice, and producing well-prepared social workers in global society.

Tarek-Photo.pngTarek Zidan, Indiana University-South Bend Campus Branch (IN)

I am an Assistant Professor at the Indiana University School of Social Work (IUSSW) in South Bend (IUSB). My research interests include Arab/ Muslim Americans’ mental health and well-being. I received my MSW from the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, MO., and a PhD. in Social Work from Howard University in Washington, D.C. I taught research methods and practice evaluation in the BSW program for over ten years.

I am running for the NNC position as Undergraduate Faculty Representative in the 2023 Election because I want to give back to the CSWE and bring the voice of the BSW students across the country. I have been an active member of the CSWE for over ten years, and my involvement is more than attending and presenting at the APM. I am also a member of the CSWE’s Council on Disability and Persons with Disabilities (CDPD) for the second term, and a chair of the disability issues track till 2025.

As a son of diversity, I am committed to implementing the CSWE’s DEI policy and dedicated to respecting the diverse students and valuing their perspectives throughout the CSWE. In addition to my diverse background, education, and experience, I am bringing my quantitative methodology, language, Arab /Muslim culture, worldview perspective, and the voice of the students in the Midwest states.

My nomination will help the CSWE maintain and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the government body, which will ensure the CSWE’s vision to provide world-class social work education so students will be prepared as social work practitioners to promote a healthy environment and justice for all.

Undergraduate Faculty Representative (Open Position 2 of 2) 

tedrow-web.jpgTodd Tedrow, Barry University (FL)

My primary interest in serving on the CSWE National Nominating Committee to provide service to the profession and to the community. The development of a slate of candidates for officers and board members allows for an opportunity cultivate relationships with underrepresented groups, in alignment with core Social Work values and with CSWE’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy. My skills include advocacy for vulnerable and oppressed populations, board service, community engagement, and the education social workers. My vision for CSWE and social work education is to continuously develop innovative and effective methods to achieve social, environmental, and economic justice through teaching, research, leadership, and advocacy among a diverse and vibrant community of social work educators.

mackie-web.pngPaul Mackie, Minnesota State University, Mankato (MN)

It has been my honor to serve on the CSWE National Nominating Committee (NNC) over the past year as an appointee replacement. Having learned much during that time, I politely and respectfully ask for your vote to continue this important work and serve on the NNC and support the CSWE community in this way.

During the time I’ve spent as a member of the NNC, I developed an even deeper understanding and appreciate for the work of this group. The importance of developing a diverse and robust slate of candidates’ cannot be overstated. Representation of human diversity in social work education has profound impact on our profession among students, faculty, staff, providers, constituents, and stakeholders. I see this as a critical responsibility of CSWE, and will continue to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion so as to lift the voices of those historically underrepresented, oppressed, and marginalized.

My vision for CSWE and social work education is to continue to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have a duty to foster growth, understanding, and acceptance of others through our personal and professional ethics. To do so, we must embrace the vastness of humanity to create a fairer and more equal society. For me, this begins with us. The NNC is specifically charged to go beyond “encouraging” equality and purposefully pursuing the goal of full inclusion of all people. I have been privileged to participate in the good work of this group, and it would be my pleasure to continue in this important role.

The CSWE has an incredible opportunity to continue to shape our society so that ALL people feel welcomed, accepted, and supported. At the same time, we understand that there is much work to still do to make this a reality. My interest is to continue this important work.