2024 CSWE Election Candidate Statements

Candidate Statements for the 2024 CSWE Election

All positions are 3-year terms, beginning July 1, 2024, and ending June 30, 2027, except for the Chair-Elect, who serves an initial 1 year as a BOD member before their 3-year term begins, and the Treasurer, whose term lasts 1 year beginning July 1, 2024 and ending June 30, 2025.  

Candidates for Board of Directors

Candidates for National Nominating Committee

The 2024 Election will be run according to CSWE Bylaws. Changes to the voting process were enacted in 2022 such that each accredited member program has appointed two voting delegates. If you have questions about the election process, please contact [email protected]. If you have questions about who are the voting delegates representing your program, please contact your program leadership. 

Candidates for the CSWE Board of Directors 


Robin Arndt, MSW, LSW; University of Hawai'i (HI)

Arndt_Robin_Headshot.jpegIt is a pivotal moment for social work education as academic freedom and core tenets of the profession are targeted. If elected, I’ll use my extensive leadership and collaborative expertise to strengthen relationships with CSWE membership and external strategic partners. Through leveraging resources and advocacy efforts, social work education can lead in addressing the importance of ADEI; protecting gender-affirming care and associated research; and promoting reproductive health.  
My record of collaboration, innovation, and leadership includes my current position as the national NASW Board of Directors Secretary and my previous term as Director from Region XII. I currently serve CSWE as a commissioner on the Commission on Educational Policy, as an accreditation site visitor, member of the Fellowship Review Committee, and previously on the Commission on Membership and Professional Development. As a tenured faculty member with diverse academic experience, including as director of field education and interim director of student services, I understand the complexities facing social work education. In my 16 years of community-based practice and academic positions, my expertise has highlighted the intersection of interprofessional education and workforce development. These combined experiences inform my vision for CSWE to solidify its role as the leader and authority in social work education. 
Despite high workforce demand and students graduating with skills to promote social and economic justice, challenges of increased student debt and restrictive regulations persist. Programs are facing enrollment challenges and new budgeting models. Faculty are faced with technological and teaching innovations while balancing research and service. If elected, I plan to lead CSWE to the forefront of national conversations by providing expertise, advocacy, and evidence-informed practices based on the collective knowledge of over 900 accredited programs.
Thank you for your consideration, I humbly ask for your support.

Jenny Jones, PhD, MSW, ACSW;Clark Atlanta University (GA) by petition

JennyJonesAPM2023.jpgMy interest in running for Chair-elect on the CSWE Board of Directors stems from engagement with CSWE over the past years, starting back when I was a doctoral student and was selected as a Fellow in the Minority Fellowship Program. That experience exposed me to CSWE’s multi-facet commissions. My initial appointment in 2007 to the inaugural Commission on Diversity, Social, and Economic Justice (CDSEJ) impressed upon me the role of this organization in ensuring diverse perspectives and justice for all. That experience cemented my relationship with CSWE, as I have continued to volunteer in numerous capacities, and served in leadership positions in other organization that support the mission of social work. 

I have dedicated my time in this profession to improving social policy and processes that help systems work collaboratively.  I am an advocate for anti-racism, equity, and inclusion for all people, specifically BIPOC populations.  I am a dedicated leader, who leads with compassion. I have the skill set to organize initiatives, apply critical thinking, and the ability to make hard decisions that supports the organization’s mission. Additionally, I am a team player, respectful of other opinion, and I am rooted in social work education.  

I believe the profession is at a pivotal point in our existence, and the need for forward thinking leaders to propel the profession to the next level is critical. I believe we must be proactive in our approach to problem solving to address critical issues that affect all of us. I believe we must prepare the next generation of students to address those issues, ensuring that those issues align with CSWE’s vision of “ensuring a well-educated social work profession equipped to promote health, well-being, and justice for all people”. I am prepared to provide the leadership needed to steady the ship. 

Golam Mathbor, PhD, MSS, MSW, RSW; Monmouth University (NJ)

Golam_Mathbor_Headshot.jpgI bring to the CSWE’s Chair-Elect position a commitment to advancing social work education through collaborative leadership, shared governance and partnerships inspired by human rights and social justice. I am the current Chair of the CSWE’s Commission on Global Social Work Education supported by three councils, a Member of the Strategic Plan Committee, and a Member of the Board of Directors since 2022. Besides playing a part in establishing the Kendall Institute, I am now serving as a Member of its Advisory Board. I also helped initiate the Partners in International Education (PIE) Awards and chaired the awards committee for three consecutive years.  Additionally, I chaired the Hokenstad International Lecture Committee from 2019-2022. With more than three decades of teaching undergraduate and graduate social work students in the US, Canada, Europe, and South Asia, I have served in leadership and administrative roles in various academic and professional organizations. I bring to the Chair position of CSWE, my extensive domestic and international experience as an educator and leader. 

I have been involved with CSWE since 1997. My work aligns with the vision and mission of CSWE. As Chair-Elect, I will lead CSWE in partnerships, locally and nationally, and ensure the accreditation and re-accreditation of programs that enhance the quality and credibility of the discipline and the profession. As a skilled orator, listener, mediator and leader, I will bring stakeholders together to coalesce around common agendas for social work education and practice, ensuring all voices are heard. 

My vision for CSWE is to strengthen communication and inter-collaboration among the commissions and the councils. I firmly believe that building stronger partnerships and collaborations within CSWE will result in strengthening the capacity of our member institutions, to continue to build and prepare the future generation for their journey into Social Work education and practice.

Vice Chair/Secretary

Joan Blakey, PhD, MSW; University of Minnesota (MN)

IMG_38361.pngDr. Joan Blakey is a tenured Associate Professor and researcher at the Tulane School of Social Work. She received her doctorate from the University of Chicago’s School of Social Administration. She also attended the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where she received both her Bachelor of Science degree in African American Studies, Sociology, and Youth Studies and Masters of Social Work degree. 

Dr. Blakey’s research agenda and consulting work focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her work consistently has been about transforming systems to recognize and embrace peoples’ full humanity. 

Dr. Blakey's most recent projects focused on understanding reasons for the widening academic achievement gap between African American and White students in two school districts in Wisconsin. 
In these school districts, Dr. Joan Blakey also reviewed policies, procedures, and practices that were exacerbating the high prevalence of trauma among African American children and how trauma was affecting the achievement gap. She provided recommendations and strategies from a trauma informed lens that the schools could implement.

Dr. Joan M. Blakey continues to consult with other school districts and organizations who are concerned about diversity, equity, and inclusion. She also conducts training on trauma informed care in a variety of settings such as schools, homeless shelters, and other types of non-profit organizations. The purpose of her work is to understand, learn from, and improve African American students and families’ educational experiences and outcomes so that they are able to thrive and excel.

Vanessa Robinson-Dooley, PhD, LCSW, CNP; Simmons University (GA)

Quiros-photo.jpgI am running for the CSWE Board of Directors Vice Chair position because it is time to move my ongoing work for CSWE into a leadership role and continue to support its mission. I have served the CSWE organization since being a graduate student. As an MFP alumnus and former Co-Chair of the Council on Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity (CRECD), I have dedicated energy to improving policy, procedures, and service. I have also been an active member of the CSWE Board of Directors. I have been outspoken about improving access to membership, student involvement, member needs, and efforts to support the organization's leadership.

I have held various service and leadership roles that have increased my skills. I currently serve on the board of a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), overseeing the operation of a facility with millions in federal dollars. I served as the Chair of the Quality Assurance (QI) committee, working with the organization's CEO to ensure the organization's fidelity. As a board member of the CSWE and Graduate Representative, I currently serve as the Chair of the Awards Committee. I have led the efforts to improve the policies related to award nominations and voting and streamline the nomination process. As a well-respected Social Worker and Professor, I am a collegial, inclusive, and welcoming. I am organized, and my attention to detail and positive communication style help move progress in meetings.

Current critical social issues impact the Social Work profession. Social Work education has to prepare, protect, and persevere. We must prepare our next generation of Social workers to address these issues, protect the profession, and persevere because this world relies on Social Work to advocate for the marginalized and oppressed. My vision is to keep all of this in mind as I work as a board member.


Mavis Major, PhD, MSW, LCSW; Renown Regional Medical Center (NV)

Majors_Mavis_BlackJacket.jpgIt is my honor to share with you my passion which led my quest to seek the position of CSWE Board of Directors Treasurer. During my 3-year tenure on the CSWE Board of Directors, I served on the Finance Committee. In that role, I was exposed to and learned details related to budget management and fiscal responsibility for a large organization. Recognizing the importance of the financial solvency of an organization, I took my role on the finance committee very seriously. I have put forth effort to learn and understand details as it relates to fiscal management, so that I am equipped to participate in a meaningful way of the finance committee.

Serving on the CSWE board has been a wonderful privilege. Giving back to the profession in this way provides a great personal reward. But more important is the work CSWE does towards the advancement of quality social work education. I would be honored to continue working towards that end, in the role Treasurer. The financial stability of CSWE directly affects the ability of CSWE to function at the elevated level to which we have become accustomed.

In my career I have served in administrative roles requiring budget management and fiscal responsibility. There were times that complex decisions had to be made. As social workers we know the challenges that come with budgetary issues. My desire is to support the very capable CSWE finance team, in their work to manage the overall financial responsibilities of the organization. Thank you in advance for your vote for me as Treasurer for CSWE.

Patricia Saleeby, PhD, MSSA; Bradley University (IL)

Saleeby_Patricia_20210520_01.jpgI am currently the Social Work Program Director at Bradley University and the Chair of the Sociology, Criminology and Social Work Department. I graduated from Washington University (PhD) and Case Western Reserve University (MSSA) with degrees in social work. I have been a faculty member for nearly 20 years teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels in rural, urban, and suburban institutional settings. As an active and engaged member of CSWE for 25 years who first joined CSWE as a PhD student, I have served in CSWE leadership including current Board member (as the Undergraduate Program Representative), chair of the Commission for Diversity and Social & Economic Justice, and chair of the Council on Disability and Persons With Disabilities. I was a member of the Commission on Global Social Work Education. Some of my accomplishments include launching the Center for Diversity and Social & Economic Justice as Co-Chair of the CDSEJ Task Force as well as participating in the development of the Curricular Guide for Environmental Justice. 

I am interested in serving for this one-year term Treasurer position because I am fully committed to the profession of social work and to this professional association. I believe that my varied experiences and leadership skills, including service on budget and finance committees, will continue to be an asset to CSWE. As a Board member, I will work diligently to enhance the profession of social work as well as to address the diverse needs of our social work membership. I hope to help identify new revenue sources for CSWE through increased development efforts. Through my service on the Board, I will help CSWE move forward in addressing local, national, and global social work issues that affect our faculty and students.

Graduate Program Representative 

Debra Lavender-Bratcher, PhD, MSW, LCSW; Texas Tech University (TX)

Debra-Lavender-Bratcher-20220709_164545.jpgI am announcing my candidacy for the Graduate Program Representative position at CSWE. With over 20 years of social work practice experience and 15 years of teaching, including in the Master of Social Work program at Texas Tech University, I am deeply committed to preparing future MSW professionals for the challenges of tomorrow. This would be my second term, as I feel that I can continue to contribute to the work that is being done.

The skills and strengths I bring to this position includes having over 20 years’ experience in social work practice, in areas of child protection, addiction recovery, family, and children counseling, developing social work counseling programs for adolescents with emotional disorders, and preschool programs with children who experience emotional trauma. I have been teaching for over 20 years and have been teaching in the Master of Social Work program at Texas Tech University since its inception in 2015. I am the advisor to the graduate social work student organization and engage students in community outreach learning at the free medical clinic. 

I believe in the roadmap continually developed through CSWE to the future of social work education, one that incorporates best practices and addresses the evolving landscape of technology, demographics, and value-laden environments. 

If elected, I will continue the focus to strengthen CSWE by:
•    Working towards paid practicums, especially in rural areas lacking governmental support.
•    Addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure all students have equal opportunities.
•    Addressing the impacts of AI and technology in the social work field.

The social work profession is predicted to grow by 13% by 2029, and I am committed to helping CSWE build the bridge to the future of social work. Together, we can create a roadmap that prepares our students for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Eugenia Weiss, PhD, MSW; University of Nevada Reno (NV)

Picture_Eugenia_Weiss_Portrait_Crop-(2).JPGI am honored to present myself as a candidate for the Board of Directors, bringing with me a wealth of experience and a steadfast commitment to advancing the field of social work education. As the Associate Dean at the University of Nevada, Reno, School of Social Work, I have dedicated my career to upholding the highest standards of excellence, equity, diversity, and inclusion in education. I am a Latina clinical social worker with 30 years of professional experience in the field and understand the landscape of higher education.

If elected, my foremost priority will be to align our educational endeavors with the principles laid out in the NASW Code of Ethics. It is imperative that we equip our students with not only the necessary knowledge and skills but also with a profound understanding of ethical responsibilities and a dedication to social justice.

I am deeply committed to representing Graduate Programs of Social Work across the country. I recognize the importance of collaboration and advocacy in advancing leadership within our profession. Together, we can strengthen the capacity of our members to promote human rights, challenge oppression, and ensure justice for all individuals in our diverse society.

In today's turbulent times, where democratic values face unprecedented threats, it is more crucial than ever to champion the value of social work as a profession. I believe in preparing social work leaders who are not only empowered to influence policy but also adept at navigating difficult dialogues and effectively communicating the value of social work education.

As a member of the Board, I aspire to be deeply involved in strategic planning, upholding our core professional values, and advocating for positive change. I envision a future where social work education is universally recognized as essential, science-driven, and accessible for all graduate students.

Graduate Faculty Representative 

Hanni Flaherty, PhD, LCSW-R, CASAC-M, Yeshiva University (NY)

20181017-Faculty-Staff-Portraits-0395-lr_7.jpgThank you for the honor of being nominated for the Graduate Faculty Representative position on the CSWE’s Board of Directors. My decision to run stems from a deep commitment to advancing social work education. As a dedicated member of the social work profession as both an academic and practitioner, I am passionate about ensuring that future generations of social workers are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to address the complex challenges facing our society and support the faulty that educate the generations to come. 

As Assistant Professor and Chair of Advanced Clinical Practice at Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University, I bring a wealth of experience. Previously, I served as Associate Director of the Doctoral Program and Associate Director for Curricular and Pedagogical Innovation. Through my multifaceted roles in academia as a professor, administrator, and field liaison, I have gained valuable insights into the diverse needs of graduate faculty. I aspire to leverage this position as a platform for advocating on behalf of graduate faculty, aiming to enhance their capacity to educate the upcoming generations of social workers more effectively and equip the next generation of social workers with the tools and resources they need to heal a fractured world, fostering positive change and resilience in our communities.

My vision as a Board Member centers on innovation, excellence, and social justice. Integrating new and advanced technologies in teaching and clinical practice is also essential. Embracing technology into curricula enhances access and learning outcomes and prepares students for the digital age. My passion lies in advocating for social work education and, thus, its graduate faculty. I am committed to fostering excellence in social work practice through education and eager to collaborate with the CSWE community to achieve our shared goals. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

V. Kalei Kanuha, PhD, MSW; University of Washington (WA)

Kanuha.jpegIn one year, I will mark 50 years of practicing as a social worker since receiving my MSW. After practicing across many different settings for two decades, I transitioned into my second career as a social work researcher and educator for the past 26 years. I am running for the CSWE Board of Directors because I believe CSWE should represent the diversity of lived experience our students, faculty, staff, practice communities, and most importantly, constituents we are preparing our social work students to serve. Due to my scholarly background, along with my personal identity as an elder, lesbian, Indigenous/Asian social worker, I want to contribute and learn from my service to CSWE.

For decades in both paid and volunteer work, I have been actively engaged in many administrative, managerial, and supervisory leadership positions with non-profit boards to university systems. I have also worked with volunteers, unionized and professional staff, and contract and tenure-track faculty in higher education. I have served as trainer and researcher on social change advocacy and anti-oppression projects. I believe my extensive experience with organizational structures, staff and faculty development, and social justice issues are skill and knowledge fits with CSWE’s mission.

My vision for CSWE is that we will continue to practice and act upon the shared missions of the organization, social work education, and the social work profession. In this dynamic era in our global world, we must meet the challenge to longstanding public policies, threatening many core values of social work, an actualized focus on anti-racism across sectors, and critical reflection upon professional social work. It is through social work education that our values and practices are inculcated in the ways we prepare a workforce for the decades ahead focused not only on theorizing and thinking about but acting for justice and freedom.

Undergraduate Faculty Representative  

Elizabeth Lyons, EdD (ABD), MSW, LCSW, CEDS; Fontbonne University (MO)

Lyons-(1).jpegI am running for the National Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors because I believe I can make a difference for social workers globally by assisting in the Boards focus on equity, inclusion, collaboration, and support.  Skills I possess are organization, strong writing ability, research, experience within the field, a passion for social justice and ethical responsibility, equity and inclusion, as well as a collaborative spirit. My vision for CSWE and social work education is to bring together all social workers round the nation and globe to share in each other’s cultures, values, and practices.  To infuse education with self-care models, prevent early burnout, break down the barriers and allow education to be accessible to all. Higher education and CSWE need to work towards supporting professionals within higher education, supporting the efforts, especially black, indigenous, and people of color, to rise within the ‘ranks’ of higher education and administration. CSWE needs to actively be working towards teaching professionals and higher education institutions on how to incorporate DEIB into agencies, organizations, practicum sites, classrooms, and other arenas.  

Johanna Thomas, PhD, LCSW; University of Arkansas (AR)

5B7A6216.jpgAs a dedicated educator and advocate for social justice and equity, I am honored to be considered for the BSW Representative position on the Board of Directors. With a profound commitment to advancing the profession, I believe I will bring a unique blend of academic knowledge, practical experience, and unwavering passion to this role. I am currently the Director and Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Arkansas. Over my career I have served as a BSW Program Coordinator, taught at both the BSW and MSW levels, and had the opportunity to mentor many Ph.D. students and junior colleagues. I am deeply invested in serving my community and profession. I served on the NASW Arkansas Board of Directors for nearly a decade, first as a branch representative and most recently (2019-2022) as the Board President. I have continuously served my community in a multitude of capacities, ranging from working with community mental health agencies to implement and evaluate programming to testifying on behalf of social work professionals at the Arkansas state legislature. 

I believe the Board plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and integrity of social work education, and I am committed to working collaboratively with stakeholders to uphold rigorous standards that reflect the evolving needs of our profession. I am deeply committed to advancing social justice initiatives and addressing systemic inequalities. I firmly believe the Board has a critical role in advocating for policy reforms, challenging oppressive structures, and promoting inclusivity and diversity in social work education. In closing, I am eager to leverage my knowledge, skills, and experiences to serve as the BSW Representative. I am confident in my ability to make a meaningful impact and advance the goals of our profession. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Practice Representative

LaCinda Jones, MSW, LCSW, Masters of Jurisprudence Health Care Law; Department of Veterans Affairs (DC)

LaCinda_Professional_Pic.pngAs a passionate advocate for the intersection of social work and healthcare, my commitment to improving social work education stems from a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of informed and engaged social workers. My background as a Health Systems Specialist focusing on mental health policy and legislation, along with a rich experience within the Department of Veteran Affairs healthcare providing direct clinical care to Veterans, has equipped me with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing social work education today.

My tenure as a Congressional Fellow and my fellowship at the Department of Health and Human Services provided me with crucial insights into policy formulation, further fueling my dedication to integrating policy awareness into social work education. This commitment is exemplified through my leadership in the Coalition for Social Work and Health, where I helped develop a comprehensive policy plan aimed at expanding access to social work services within health care setting, and the creation of a curriculum designed to increase social work students' understanding of policy's role in healthcare. This ensures that future practitioners are well-equipped to navigate and influence the healthcare landscape. Additionally, my involvement in elder justice initiatives, including the development of an Elder Mistreatment course, reflects my dedication to addressing the challenges facing vulnerable populations.

I am eager to use my diverse experiences and unwavering commitment to enrich social work education and advocate for policies that uplift the profession and, by extension, the communities we serve. My journey thus far is evidence of my belief in the power of education, policy, and advocacy to transform lives, and I am committed to continuing this work to enhance the efficacy and impact of social work across the spectrum of healthcare and beyond.


Nelson_J_HEADSHOT.pngI am honored to be nominated for the Practice Representative position on the CSWE Board of Directors. My journey in social work has been both profoundly personal and professional. From overcoming the challenges of being an adopted child with learning disabilities to finalizing a doctoral degree in social work, my experiences have fueled a steadfast dedication to the field. Throughout my diverse roles at Auxilium Psychological Group, JClinic LLC, Adjunct Professor at Bluegrass Community and Technical College, and Clinical Director at Harrison County Hospital, I have garnered a wealth of experience that I am eager to bring to the CSWE Board.

My commitment to social work is not just about education and practice; it's also about social justice and community empowerment. As a clinical therapist and active member of the SOGI committee in the NASW of Indiana, I have worked tirelessly to foster inclusivity and cultural competency. My involvement in legislative initiatives and professional development highlights my deep commitment to enhancing our profession on a national and international level.

What I bring to the CSWE Board is a vision to elevate social work education standards through innovative, inclusive strategies that prepare our students for the challenges of today's society. I am driven by the belief that our educational frameworks should be responsive, reflective of the diverse needs of our communities, and equipped with cutting-edge curriculum that emphasizes workforce-ready skills and a global perspective.

Thank you for considering my nomination for this pivotal role. I am passionate, dedicated, and committed to making meaningful contributions to our profession and, most importantly, to the lives we touch through social work. Through social work education and practice, let’s work together to shape a future of social work that champions social justice, inclusivity, and community empowerment.

Candidates for the National Nominating Committee

Graduate Program Representative 

Tam Dinh, PhD, LICSW; Seattle University (WA)
Tam_Dinh_web.jpgI am running for the Graduate Program Representative position on the National Nomination Committee. I came to America as a 7-year-old boat refugee from Vietnam. Since then, the social work profession and professionals have opened opportunities and have given me purpose and meaning, personally and professionally. I simply would like to give back to the social work profession that has given me so much.

For the last 30 years, I have dedicated my professional and community work to increase diverse representation and equitable access and outcomes for marginalized communities. Currently, I am the Director for the Master of Social Work program at Seattle University. My teaching and research interests are in the areas of diversity and cross-cultural mental health, intergenerational trauma, religiosity/spirituality, and intersectionality.

Prior to my academic work, I worked as a social worker in clinical and community settings, specifically with youth in gangs, elders in need of home health care, and individuals with schizophrenia. My commitment to service and social justice evolved from my desire to live with meaning and to be of service to others. I am on a lifelong journey of un-packing, re-learning, and living my commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion practices.

We are amid a challenging and transformation time in our country and profession. Social workers need to be integral leaders in this time of rapid change. I believe that with diverse representation, CSWE is positioned to help shape and guide our communities and nation towards our collective vision of a more just and humane world.

Yvonne Woods, PhD, MSW; University of the Virgin Islands (VI)

Woods_CSWE_Photo-web.jpgI am indeed honored to be nominated to serve on the CSWE National Nominating Committee as the Graduate Program Representative.  I truly cannot think of a more auspicious time in my professional history to be considered for a seat at this table, and I look forward to advancing CSWE’s mission to provide quality educational standards for social work education everywhere.  

I currently serve as the MSW program director, chair, and assistant professor at the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) where I also teach graduate and undergraduate courses. We are a historically American, uniquely Caribbean, and globally interactive land-grant institution, and the only HBCU in the diaspora. With such an eclectic background, UVI presents an amalgamation of cultures, ethnicities, and languages that is unmistakably Caribbean. As a result of our unique status and location, social workers in the territory have traditionally served as the de facto champions of the underserved rooting out systemic racism, social and economic injustice, and all manner of disparities.

I hold an MSW and PhD in social work from Norfolk State University in Virginia and worked with a variety of client populations over 22 years of practical and administrative experience.  I currently serve as president of NASW-VI Chapter, having previously held several leading and supportive roles as member, member at large, and district chair on the Board of Directors. I am also on the national CSW task force where we are currently revising the clinical standards for social work practice.

The opportunity to join forces with CSWE to continue the important work of ensuring quality education across the nation is priceless, and an historic first-time venture for UVI and our newly created, recently accredited social work program. Your vote of confidence will allow us an equal opportunity to sit at the table—Thank you!  

Graduate Faculty Representative (Position 1 of 2)

Kendra Flores-Carter, DSW, MSW, PMH, DEI; California Baptist University (CA)

Flores-Carter.jpgI am honored to have been nominated to run for the CSWE National Nominating Committee, Graduate Faculty Representative. My leadership has always been and will always be guided through the essence of cultural humility. I come from a Caribbean immigrant background therefore I could bring a different perspective to CSWE for those not only in the United States but also those from the African Diaspora. I am running for this position because I have grown to love working in higher education and educating the future generations of social workers has become a priority. I truly believe that social work is the core of all human beings’ ability to reach their fullest potential in life. Working as a medical social worker 10+ years gave me first-hand understanding of the needs of people we serve daily. I have found through my experiences that social workers are almost always the key ingredient to individuals reaching their goals and having better life outcomes. We are the roots to flourishing trees. As social workers we work daily to fill in the gaps in people’s lives. Through psychosocial education, social support, capacity building, research, and providing social determinants of health resources we can help the most vulnerable individuals to believe in themselves and live their best lives. I can bring this experience in the field to help shape the future of students’ education. The vision I have for CSWE is to work collaboratively as an advisor to continue to equip social workers with the practical application skills to help others thrive in created safe spaces. To continue to provide input on best practices to help CSWE continue to guide institutions to develop future social workers professionally in practice that yields the greatest possible outcomes for the individuals we serve in disenfranchised communities around the world.    

Tarek Zidan, PhD, MSW, BSW; Indiana University (IN)

ZidanTarek-Photo.pngAs an Associate Professor at the Indiana University School of Social Work (IUSSW), I earned my MSW from the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, and completed my PhD in Social Work at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Throughout the past decade, I've taught research methods and practice evaluation in the MSW program.

I'm seeking the role of Graduate Faculty Representative in the 2024 Election on a voluntary basis to contribute to the CSWE and represent the voices of graduate students nationwide. My involvement with the CSWE spans over ten years, going beyond mere attendance and presentations at the APM. Currently, I'm serving my second term as a member of the CSWE’s Council on Disability and Persons with Disabilities (CDPD) and chairing the disability issues track until 2025.

As a strong advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, I am committed to implementing CSWE’s DEI policy and embracing the perspectives of our diverse student population. Drawing on my diverse background, education, and experience, I bring expertise in quantitative methodology, familiarity with Arabic/Muslim culture, a global perspective, and advocacy for graduate students.

My nomination is crucial for upholding and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within CSWE's governance, aligning with its vision of delivering exceptional social work education and preparing students to advocate for a just and healthy society.

Graduate Faculty Representative (Position 2 of 2)

Leyla Feize, PhD, LCSW-S; University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (TX)

Leyla_Feize-web.jpgI am a minority educator who has paved her way to success by overcoming enormous barriers in society. I have often had a limited voice to express my opinions and ideas at my institution and believe that CSWE amplifies my voice and could be a bridge towards recognition to thrive nationally. I feel safe, accepted, valued and respected in connection with the CSWE. I have had different volunteer positions at CSWE in the past few years, for example as an APM abstract reviewer, a co-chair track, and a commission member.

I am an associate professor and have many years of experience at both national and international levels.  I bring an international perspective to the team of expert educators. In addition, I am a practitioner and supervisor who is aware of the needs of the job market for social workers and determined and focused to provide the best professional and ethical training and education for social work students. 

Our environment is changing rapidly.  COVID-19 pandemic facilitated online program progress and created a situation where online programs somewhat saved education for two years, However, it seems that it is affecting our traditional educational programs. Online programs have become popular and every year less students are interested in traditional, in-person classes. Artificial intelligence has been finding its own place as a source of information for our students and faculty. Technology surely can be an effective tool in social work education; however, CSWE can lead and manage its influence on social work education with consideration for social work values and ethics. 

Javonda Williams-Moss, BSW, MSW, PhD, LCSW; University of Tennessee at Knoxville (TN)

Williams-Moss-Photo_web.jpgMy name is Javonda Williams Moss. I earned my BSW, MSW and PhD from Florida State University. I currently serve as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Social Work. My 15 + years of higher education administrative experience, include work in academic affairs, recruitment, retention, educational assessment, alumni affairs, and community engagement. I have held various academic administrative positions including Assistant/ Associate Dean at The University of Alabama School of Social Work, Bachelor of Social Work Program Director at The University of Alabama School of Social Work and Chair of the Social Work Department at Miles College. 

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and I have extensive clinical experience working with sexually abused children and adolescents and survivors of sexual assault and human trafficking. In addition to my clinical work, I have an evolving research portfolio that focuses on family and child welfare, childhood trauma and multi-systemic interventions to trauma and abuse. My work targets at risk children and families as they bear a disproportionate burden of traumatic experiences leading to adverse behavioral health outcomes. 

I would like to serve on the National Nominating Committee to better connect my colleagues to key service opportunities. I have greatly enjoyed networking and building relationships with many talented and dedicated social educators in my years of service to the profession. I would like to serve in this role because I believe my passion and skill for networking, capacity building and strong leadership would be an asset to this committee. My vision for CSWE and social work education is for us to develop leaders that will continue to move the social work profession forward. I would be honored to serve in this role.

Undergraduate Program Representative (Open Position 1 of 2) 

Cindy Bautista-Thomas, PhD, LCSW; Lehman College, CUNY (NY)

CindyBautistaThomasHeadshot.jpgRunning for the National Nominating Committee stems from my conviction as a first-generation Dominican American that representation profoundly matters. Ensuring that CSWE nominees mirror our profession's diverse tapestry is paramount. I'm resolutely committed to carving out space for underrepresented voices and actively championing candidates who bring a rich array of perspectives.

My candidacy is anchored in the belief that expanding candidate selection is pivotal for propelling our profession forward. Serving on the National Nominating Committee, I pledge to advocate for equity and diversity in the nomination process, fostering a broader and more reflective CSWE.

My skill set encompasses openness, sociability, and adeptness at forging connections. As a social worker, I excel in orchestrating collaborations that catalyze positive change, leveraging my ability to engage with stakeholders across the spectrum. This knack for consensus-building will prove invaluable in the candidate selection process.

Looking ahead, I envision a CSWE and social work education that undergoes transformation and expansion. It's imperative to interrogate the prevailing Eurocentric biases in our curricula and integrate culturally relevant methodologies and practices. This paradigm shift will equip social workers to navigate the complexities of our evolving world and address the multifaceted needs of the communities they serve.

In essence, my candidacy for the National Nominating Committee is fueled by a dedication to representation, expansion, and transformative change within social work. I'm poised to bring my expertise, perspective, and fervor to this pivotal role, collaborating with peers to advance these critical objectives. Moreover, my anti-racism and anti-oppression lens will be instrumental in holding our profession accountable.

Makeeba Green, PhD, MSW; Bowie State University (MD)

Makeba_Green.jpegI am deeply honored to have been nominated to serve on CSWE’s National Nominating Committee. As a professor and the Chair of the BSW program at Bowie State University, I add value with over 20 years of service and leadership experience in social work education. My association with the Council on Social Work Education dates back to 2002, when I was awarded the prestigious Minority Fellowship, marking the beginning of my journey with CSWE.

Over the years, I have actively contributed to CSWE's initiatives, having served as an Accreditation Site Visitor for over eight years. Furthermore, in the recent 2020-2023 cycle, I was a part of the Board of Directors. During my time on the Board, I advocated for BSW programs, chaired the board strategic planning committee, was a member of the board awards committee, and played a crucial role in refining nomination policies. Presently, I am actively involved in the larger strategic planning committee for CSWE.

I am running for this position because of my unwavering passion for Social Work Education, specifically BSW education, which is the foundation of the field. I am dedicated to collaborating with fellow social work educators who share the same fervor to advance CSWE's mission and objectives of supporting social work programs globally. My commitment lies in nurturing the next generation of Professional Social Workers, and I uphold the principles of service, generosity, inclusivity, and respect for the contributions of all. I am steadfast in ensuring the profession is valued and accessible to those who espouse our core values.

Undergraduate Program Representative (Open Position 2 of 2) 

Heidi Brocious, PhD, MSW; Pacific Lutheran University (WA)

brocious_heidi_id_1.jpegGreetings! My name is Heidi Brocious, and I am excited about the possibility of serving you and CSWE on the National Nominating Committee. As a 20-year social work educator, first at the University of Alaska and now as Chair of the BSW program at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma Washington, I am eager to expand my professional educational commitment to a wider audience. I have a long relationship with CSWE, attending and presenting at APM as well as leading reaccreditation self-studies for multiple programs, and this nomination would be an opportunity for me to serve the larger social work education community. If elected to the nominating committee, my commitment would be to ensuring that all voices, identities and social work perspectives have opportunities for leadership, as well as to encouraging leadership development within our profession. As a social work educator from the Pacific Northwest, I also believe I can bring a diverse regional perspective and new energy to the role. Many thanks for considering me. 

Marie Jenkins, MSW, LCSW; University of Arkansas at Monticello (AR)

Jenkins_Zoom_2023.jpgFor the past 6 years, I have served as the Director of the UAM BSW Program, while continuing to practice in the area of children and families. Prior to this, I served as the UAM Field Education Director for approximately 8 years. During my academic appointments, I’ve continued to practice in the field by providing contract services such as Intensive Family Services (in-home) with families involved in the DCFS system in Arkansas and conducting SAFE Home Studies for DCFS as well as private adoptions in Arkansas. I have also recently begun to provide consulting to other institutions regarding CSWE accreditation and reaffirmation. Further, I have served as an MSW Adjunct Instructor for the Simmons University online MSW program, as well as the University of Mary’s online MSW program. Prior to that, I worked for MS DCFS in multiple areas including, foster care, investigations, adoption and licensing, and special assignment as a county supervisor. I am honored to be considered for this position and believe my experience in practice and higher education would be of great benefit. I would be thrilled to serve in this leadership role and learn from others in the process. 

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