Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice in Integrated Healthcare

The objective of this course is to introduce social work students to the direct practice of integrated behavioral health in primary care. Students will become knowledgeable of the roles of behavioral health providers working in primary care settings, theories and models of care, and cross-cultural issues. They will develop skills in engagement, assessment, intervention planning and implementation, and practice evaluation. Because the populations served in primary care settings span the spectrum of severity in both the physical and behavioral health dimensions, students will develop competencies in engaging and supporting patients across a range of health conditions.    


  1. Introduction to Integrated Healthcare and the Culture of Health
  2. The Role of Social Work in Integrated Healthcare
  3. Theories, Perspectives, and Practice Models in Integrated Healthcare
  4. Engagement and Relationship Building in Integrated Healthcare
  5. Comprehensive Assessment
  6. Structured Assessments and Screenings
  7. Common Behavioral Health Conditions in Primary Care
  8. Cross-Cultural Issues in Integrated Healthcare
  9. Medication and Integrated Healthcare
  10. Care Planning and Documentation
  11. Interventions in Integrated Healthcare
  12. Motivational Interviewing Part I
  13. Motivational Interviewing Part II
  14. Complementary and Alternative Body-Mind-Spirit Interventions
  15. Evaluation of Client Progress and Social Worker Effectiveness

Curriculum Development Team

  • Marion Becker, University of Southern Florida
  • Blake Beecher, Eastern Washington University
  • Judith Anne DeBonis, California State University, North Ridge
  • Mo Yee Lee, Ohio State University
  • James J. Werner, Case Western Reserve University