Hurricanes Fiona and Ian: Ramifications for Social Work Education


Published on : September 30, 2022

As Hurricanes Fiona and Ian continue to impact communities in Puerto Rico and the southern United States respectively, CSWE extends its deep condolences over the loss of life and destruction caused by the storms and related flooding or winds. In light of these circumstances, we fully understand that social work programs may be disrupted. The safety and well-being of students, faculty, and the local community invariably takes precedence. 

For any concerns regarding how these disruptions impact field education, site visits, or other accreditation-related questions, please access our one-page resource and contact your program’s accreditation specialist.  

Our thoughts remain with all those impacted by the storms. Please reach out to CSWE and inform us if we can provide support to your program, institution, or community. 

Download the one-page resource.